Tips for Using Instagram Stories for Marketing


If you thought Instagram stories last for 24 hours, so they aren’t worth putting effort into, think again. With a reported 500 million daily Instagram stories users, those fleeting pieces of content mean serious business. They align with audiences’ short attention span and thus promote heavy customer engagement. 

The good news for your brand is that they are easy to create and free for most parts (except ads). But brands should know what kind of content to explore on stories and what features to use in the best way possible. If you are ready to transform your Instagram Stories into a powerhouse of audience engagement, we are ready to show you how!

Use Question Stickers to Engage With Your Audience

If you have a brand-related question and would like to hear feedback, it is time to turn to question stickers. They allow brands to ask unique questions which can have customized answers. Brands can show that they care about customer opinions. Not to forget, brands can respond via DM also to continue engaging with the audience. Behind the question sticker, you can include your products or any visual that aligns with your brand identity.

Make Brand Announcements 

Thanks to its instant nature, Instagram stories become a great place to share company announcements such as new releases, new team members, and just general updates on what’s going on with the brand.

These moments can easily capture behind-the-scenes actions that make the brand humane but never make it to the Instagram grid. Your followers would feel exclusive, like they are the first ones to know about the latest happenings of your brand.

With background insights, don’t settle for a single picture. Add more pictures to make the stories more engaging for your followers. Some examples of these insights could be packaging a new product or playing a prank on a colleague. Just anything that shows the other side of the brand and boosts audience engagement.

Use Poll Stickers

Gone are the days when you had to create Google forms to survey your audience. Now you can do that with just a tap. Adding polls and using them in your stories is a great way to make your stories interactive for your followers. Polls can be used for customer feedback, market research, or just to have a bit of fun with knowing your audience better. You can create highly creative campaigns using an Instagram video editor that is specific to your brand or target audience. 

Create Story Highlights

If you have hit the jackpot with your stories and now you feel it’s too good for a 24-hour lifespan, then save these stories to the Instagram highlights. Pinning your best stories at the top of your profile serves as an extension to your bio.

Brands can use story highlights to showcase who they are, what they do, and why they are passionate about doing it. You can also choose to display your products or services.

When you are crafting your social media strategy, create stories with the purpose of putting them in highlights. Once you get an eye-catching cover for your highlights, your Instagram profile will turn into a brochure for your business. If you provide ample content to browse through, users will stay on your page longer, thus sending positive signals to the Instagram algorithm.

Host Chats With Chat Stickers

Seen that chat sticker lurking around in the stories tab? By adding that chat sticker to your Instagram stories, you can cherry-pick up to 32 participants from your audience to connect for a live chat right then and there. However, you would need the users to approve your request for access. The topic for the chat could be anything that your brand is currently engaged with. You could ask for feedback on your products, new product ideas, or just talk about your brand in general. 

Include Instagram Stories Ads in Your Strategy

You don’t need to be huge to get your Instagram stories in front of a wide audience and benefit from the engagement. You need to create an ad using an Instagram video editor and throw down a little money to have Instagram promote your branded story. To this ad, you can have 10 hashtags and 1 clickable hashtag sticker for better visibility and more targeted results.

Offer Quizzes

People love showing their knowledge, especially on social media. Enter “quiz” stickers. You can post multiple-choice questions on stories and have your audience tap on the option of their choice. You can keep a track of the results and see how many votes each option got. 

If you are confused about launching a new product or feature, here is the place you test out the waters. Questions like “Which color leggings would you be most likely to order?” or “Which handbag trend is your favorite currently?”. If you have a question about your brand or market research, Instagram Stories quiz stickers can get answers for you!

Create Story Templates

Whether it is influencers or on-trend brands, every other profile is jumping on the story templates bandwagon. Story templates are beautifully designed templates that can be filled by users and shared further on their stories. 

Templates can also be branded with the name of the brand/influencer who created them. When their followers take a screenshot of the templates and fill them in on their own Instagram Stories, they are practically marketing their business for them.

As a brand, here’s how you can leverage story templates. You must know who your target audience is and the kind of things that they engage with. Then create a story template with clear branding on it. Fill in yourself first, and then let your audience follow suit.

Add Location Stickers to Maximize Reach

Similar to hashtags, location stickers can also expand the reach of your stories beyond your current follower list. If there is a physical business location, it can show up on the location page under the Places tab when users search. They may also reach your story by tapping the location on another user’s post.

Your location page could be the happy place your users submit their experience with you, and potential customers can explore your business. You’ll need an Instagram business account to set up a location page for your business.

Include a CTA

Like all clever marketing strategies, your Instagram stories should have a clear CTA too. Like what should your viewers do next? Swipe up makes a decent call to action. If you are running ads, you can replace swipe up with something more specific, like shop now or learn more. 

Parting words

Now that you are armed with the best features to use for Instagram stories, it’s time to get creating. Do not forget to be consistent with your branding. You don’t need to be a master in Photoshop to craft professional-looking Instagram stories. Today’s Instagram video editors can help you create stunning quality stories that bring a heap load of engagement to your profiles.