Tips for Sharpening Basic Futsal Skills to Become a Star on the Field

Familiar with Falcao? The man who has won two Golden Balls at the Futsal World Cup in 2004 and 2008 has no doubts about his abilities. No wonder Falcao is often referred to as the best futsal player in the world. For those of you who dream of becoming as famous as Falcao on the gridiron, consider the following tips and tricks to improve your futsal skills.

What needs to be done to improve futsal skills
At first glance, futsal is similar to football. Likewise with the basic techniques, such as dribbling, shooting, and passing the ball. The difference is only one: the area of ​​the field. The size of the futsal field, which is certainly much more “efficient” than a professional soccer field, requires the players to rack their brains to design different strategies.

Given the different strategies and field situations, futsal players are also required to have a different set of abilities or individual skills from soccer players. Well, here’s a good way to master and hone your futsal skills.

  1. The technique of passing or passing the ball
    In every ball game, every player must master the technique of passing the ball. The reason is, good passing technique has a vital role in the game of futsal, because in addition to dominating the flow of the game, it also helps the players to build a variety of attacks.

How to feed the ball properly and correctly in this futsal passing technique, there are several kinds of them, passing using the inside, outside and using the heel of the foot.

  1. Techniques to hold the ball or control
    In the game of futsal, a technique that is also very important to master is the ability to hold or control the ball. Controlling is one of the basic techniques in the game that a player has when he receives the ball from his friend so that it can be stopped and controlled properly. Master this technique to improve your futsal playing skills.

The correct way to control the ball can be done using the inside of the foot, the outside or with the inside of the foot. In addition to using the feet, players can also control the ball with the chest, thighs and other body parts (other than the hands) to stop and control the movement of the ball. The most frequently used way of controlling the ball in matches is to control it with the soles of the feet, so the skill of players to master this technique is absolutely necessary.

The better the player’s ability to control the ball correctly, the shorter the distance the ball bounces. Keep the ball as close to your body as possible so that the opponent will have a hard time ‘stealing’ and snatching the ball from your possession.

There are several tips that need to be observed in controlling the ball with the feet when playing futsal, including:

Keep an eye on and be aware of the direction the ball is coming from
When the ball comes to you, keep your balance
In order to be able to control the ball easily, control it using the sole of the foot.

  1. Gastric ball technique
    In futsal matches, this technique is almost the same as passing, only the difference lies in chipping using the top of the foot to the end of the shoe and being kicked on the bottom of the ball. Chipping is a game technique used to toss the ball to the top when kicked with the tip of the foot so that it can pass the opposing player.

This bouncing technique can be used to pass the ball to a teammate or to trick players when dealing with one-on-one and can also enter the ball into the opponent’s goal when dealing directly with the goalkeeper.

The position of the ball is in front of us
Place the foot that is used as a support next to the ball
Leg to kick pulled back then swing forward
When kicking, place the toe on the bottom of the ball
Swing and lift the ball forward
Let the movement of the foot keep swinging forward following the direction of the ball

  1. Dribbling technique or dribbling
    Dribbling is a basic technique in the game where a player has the ability to control the ball to outwit his opponent. The technique of dribbling in futsal and soccer can be done by running, walking, turning or turning with the ability it has so that the opponent does not get the ball from our control. During the match, the dribbling technique is needed to get past opposing players and direct the ball into empty space and open up opportunities for kicks towards the goal.

Mastery of dribbling techniques well is an art in itself in playing futsal where flexibility and balance are absolutely needed by every player. There are several techniques for good dribbling techniques, namely:,79121

Dribbling with the outside foot
This method of dribbling the ball using the outer foot technique is done to trick the opposing player towards the player’s right or left side, depending on the foot used. If someone uses the outside of the right foot then he can outwit his right that is towards the left of the opposing player and vice versa.

Dribbling with the inside foot
In the game of futsal, a player can outwit his opponent by using this technique of dribbling to the left side if he uses the inside right foot or on the right side of the opposing player, and vice versa.

Dribbling with the instep
This way of dribbling the ball using the back of the foot is usually done if the opponent is at a considerable distance and does not hinder your movement. However, this method is not very effective at tricking the opponent to the right or left side.

There are several tips and how to do a good dribbling technique that players need to pay attention to, including:

As much as possible to keep the ball and keep your distance from the opposing players
Keep the flexibility and balance of the body when doing shakes
Touch the ball using the sole of the foot continuously
The player’s gaze must remain focused when in contact with the ball
Always ready to anticipate the opponent’s movement to snatch the ball from our control.

  1. Shooting technique or shooting the ball
    In a futsal match, it is very important for players to have good shooting skills, especially for players who are in the front position. The technique of shooting the ball is a basic technique by doing a hard kick towards the goal with the aim of scoring a goal. This requires accurate kicks to produce a directional ball position in a place that is difficult for the goalkeeper to reach. Master this technique to improve your futsal skills like Falcao.

To do hard shooting can be done by using the outside or inside of the foot in a position near the toe. In addition, players can also use the instep as another option in shooting and players can also use toes or shoes which can produce a strong kick with the ball straight ahead.

It takes a serious training effort in doing this shooting technique so that the kick is hard and the ball goes fast.

  1. Don’t neglect heading technique or heading the ball
    In the futsal game, the heading technique is not used very often during the game because of the small size of the field so that it dominates the lower balls through short passes between players.

But even so, this technique of heading the ball is important for futsal players to master when playing the ball, such as when the ball bounces over the head, either to pass it to a teammate or to put the ball into the goal.

Some ways and tips on heading techniques that need to be understood when heading the ball are:

Every player needs to be aware that they are heading the ball not being hit by the ball.
Each player must know how to head the ball correctly using the forehead not the crown.
The player keeps his eyes open when making a header to make sure the ball is headed with his forehead.
Teeth are clenched, neck muscles are tightened and position the player’s head correctly for a sharper and more accurate header.
Doing frequent exercises to produce quality headers that are quality, accurate and directed at the target point.