Tips For Parents To Cope With Their Teenage Boys

Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can be a handful especially when you find it hard to keep up with how to deal with their day to day moods. Raising a child is not easy, and can be a handful for those who are raising their first child. The trick to raising a teenage boy without breaking down is to be patient, compassionate, and empathetic. Keeping in sync with your teenager’s behavior, as they go through different phases of life.

Risk Behaviour To Watch

When it comes to risk behavior there is a great deal you can miss out on, especially when you are trying to teach independent growth. This is why it’s best to keep an open communication flow that allows your teenage boy to talk to you about any one of the issues like reckless driving, substance abuse, binge drinking and violent behaviour.

These issues are not uncommon. The trick is to be their friend and talk to them about these issues beforehand. Let them know where you stand on the matter, and why you feel that way. While giving them a chance to enjoy the world that is opening to them.

Keys of Communication With Teenage Boys

Many teenage boys, regardless if they are 14 or 18 years old, often find it hard to put their emotions into words, and creating an open and safe space at home can help them achieve a great skill early on. A place where they can be boys and learn from the mistakes, without being pressured to become a man. Men such as women have every right to speak their mind, and show their emotions, and here is how you can encourage your teenage boy to be more open.

  1. Short & Sweet –Some teenage boys can be very impatient, so it’s best to keep things short and sweet, rather than dragging out a conversation. Go over the conversation in your head, and lay it in front of them as points. Keep in mind that it’s important to let them respond to each point before you move forward.
  1. Eye Contact – While we do recommend some eye contact, there is a time when you should let it slide. So when talking on sensitive topics, or any conversation that can be uncomfortable for you or your son, it’s best to talk during a car ride. Making sure you can keep your eyes on the road, and your teenager can feel comfortable knowing you are not watching his every move.
  1. Calm Mood – Keeping a cool head can get you a long way, especially when dealing with teenage boys.The approach is the same whether if he is 13 or 19 years old. Do not let your emotions run the conversation, instead talk to them once you are calm and collected. Only when you put your frustration with them and anger aside, will you be able to create a safe space for you two to openly communicate. If a special occasion is coming, use this chance to buy a gift that he will appreciate. Great gifts for 19 year old boy include electronic gadgets, self-improvement books to prepare for adulthood and multipurpose tools.
  1. Secondary Action –Some teen boys find it easier to talk on the matter when they are doing something else, as it allows them time to go through their thoughts before they answer. So you can talk while preparing dinner, unloading groceries, walking, or any other activity you two take on together.

Processing Time – You cannot expect your teen boy to be on point and understand everything in a matter of minutes or hours. Once you have said what you wanted to say, give them time to process the information. Let them know they have all the time they need to process things.