Tips for Optimizing Your Web Design For A Higher Conversion

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Before, responsive website design has dominated the internet as the best format for businesses. But now, mobile optimization has gained popularity as an effective strategy. Optimizing your web design for mobile is compressing and rearranging your content to fit smaller screens. You design your site to adjust to the experience of mobile users. So, how can you use mobile optimization to help your business grow?

The Importance of Mobile Optimization

People today are busy and impatient, which means they do not have the time and patience to figure out how to add a product to their carts or wait for a slow web page to load. The more friction your web design generates, the less likely that you can convert a visitor.

Friction happens when there is a hindrance to conversion. If a user has to work harder to complete a goal, they will experience friction while on your site. This will make people want to avoid the experience completely.

The concept of mobile optimization helps conversions by minimizing friction. In the last several years, the usage of the mobile device has risen. Mobile users spend twice as much time on their devices than laptop and desktop users. With this, mobile optimization is vital for businesses to their web design if they want to increase their conversion rate.

A mobile-optimized website makes the process of conversion less stressful and easier for visitors. Some common features include:

  • Auto-fill form fields
  • Multiple screens rather than scrolling
  • Smaller images
  • Larger buttons
  • Guest checkout option
  • Auto-detect location settings

These features help your website lessen the friction for your potential customers. If a visitor can purchase a product or service from your site using their mobile device without them wanting to throw their device across the room, then your business will likely benefit from it. There are several ways to make your website suitable for mobile users. Here are some tips to consider when optimizing your web design for mobile:

Use structured data

These are schema markups (HTML code) that you can add to your web design to give more information to the search engines. Structured data enables search engines to display rich snippets. Rich snippets typically appear above the paid and organic results on SERPs. For example, if you sell baking tools and publish some recipes on your website, users may find them in a rich snippet. You can include the instructions in the SERPs. It is also how some websites display in the search results pages with star ratings.

Compress the images you use

Large image files can slow down the speed of your web page and make your site somewhat heavier. You can avoid these problems by compressing your images. If you are using a different URL for your customers that are mobile users, upload different images that have smaller sizes. By doing that, the graphics you use do not overwhelm the screen or bring about loading delays.

You want images that are large enough to allow your visitors to view it clearly, and small enough that will not impact on the load speed of the page. Consider uploading smaller images that will not weigh down your web design for mobile users resizing images through CSS.

Add useful videos

When it comes to mobile devices, putting images can be limiting. You may create a carousel, stack them on top of one another, or position them side-by-side. Regardless of what you choose, images consume some space on the screen. On the other hand, videos can engage your visitors without the user experience and design of your website. For example, explainer videos work well for informing people about your offerings.

Also, you can put videos on your web design to demonstrate your products and make mini commercials. Consider testing different options for videos to determine what is suitable for your audience. You may create educational video content as a way to balance out the text-heavy content you publish.

Increase your checkout page speed

You want everything to be smooth on your checkout page. It seems that there is about 55% to 80% cart abandonment. The rates are higher on mobile devices and desktops due to increased friction. If people are unable to complete the checkout process as a result of poorly designed fields or other concerns, then you will lose sales. One way to address cart abandonment is speeding up the checkout page on your web design. By getting rid of obstacles, you can increase your conversion rate.

Evaluate Popup Usage

Popups can be an excellent addition to your website. However, if they disrupt the flow of your Brisbane web design or create friction to your audience, then it is better to consider their usage. Popups can be frustrating on mobile screens because sometimes, users do not know how to make them go away. Do not automatically assume that popups are useless. Before you disable your popups, conduct an A/B testing them to find out whether they affect bounce rates and other key performance indicators.

Choose a Responsive Web Design

An effective way to start mobile optimization is to pick a responsive web design. Responsive websites work in accordance with the screen size on the device that a person uses. Mobile optimization gives you the foundation to create a mobile-ready website. When viewed on a mobile device, an optimized website design looks different from a responsive website.

With the mobile user in mind, the website is configured and typically has a separate URL. To reduce the page speed, the images are lighter, it eliminates the need to pinch and scroll, and reduces the size of buttons for broad fingers.

If the majority of your audience users a mobile device when visiting your website, mobile optimization proves to be beneficial. It is a great way to increase conversions on your website among mobile users. Minimizing friction in the mobile browsing experience of your web design means fewer frustrated users. If your target market can check out your products, make a comparison, read reviews, and make purchases in a stress-free experience, then you will not have many abandoned shopping carts.