Tips for Creating Attractive Display Boxes for Sale

Display boxes

Display boxes tend to be made to hold sample products of various sizes. They can easily sit on a counter of a store without causing a disturbance. Custom display boxes wholesale are useful as they allow a brand’s products to be prominent in a shop. They need to be attractive and give useful details allowing consumers to want to try out the product. Continue reading on to find out some tips for making these.

Must be of a good quality

Because custom counter display boxes need to be placed at a main place in the store, like a counter, they must be made strongly so that they do not get damaged. For this, the material is important. It must be sturdy and not likely to quickly break.

Popular material known to be good includes cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. Brands select these materials as they can be made in the quality of your choice, size, shape, printed, etc. according to the needs of the client.

Cardboard display boxes are also chosen because they are composed of eco-friendly material. Therefore, environmentalists will be drawn towards the item being sold. Nowadays many people are preferring to buy from those companies that are concerned about their carbon footprint occurring due to their activities.

If the display box breaks, the store will not be happy to put your brands’ box in a prominent area again. Consumers will also see you as being careless.

Focus on creating something eye-catching

Display boxes have to focus on being beautiful. They must not be plain. It depends on what the product is, considering this, you will need to design these in such a way that the consumer’s eyes will be drawn towards them.

Take the example of some candies for kids. The boxes for these should be bright and pop out, having images of cartoons related to the candy. Kids like to buy those things that have pictures of popular cartoons. A display box like this will be emphasized and stand out in front of the competition.

You need to pay close attention to color as this can affect people’s moods. Usually, bright colors look better for children’s products whereas decent ones are preferred by adults. If you are selling chic jewelry then simple and decent colors work well here.

Let customers know about you

Retail counter display boxes are a good way for a brand to let people know about them. The reason for this is that they are put in a prominent place and are often noticed. Therefore, those who see them will get to know about the company.

Here you will have to focus on having a good logo that is readable and related to what is being sold. Font matters and its size as well. Any information given on packaging must be clear to read with a discernable font. Give contact details of your company so that people can contact you when needed.

Necessary details

When consumers look at the custom-made display, they should have an idea of what the product is. This can be done by having an image related to the item, stating what it is, etc. The packaging should not be confusing that individuals do not know what is being sold. If you are including images do not exaggerate them much.

On display boxes, include only a few words allowing individuals to know what you are selling. People do not have time to read much, therefore only add what is required. If you are selling a food product, including its name, any allergens, ingredients, etc. The display boxes are a way to promote your items, therefore add details that will be able to do this effectively.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the boxes matter. You need to be conscious of what size the store prefers, or the place that needs to put them. They should be sufficient to comfortably fit what needs to be placed within them.

Small cardboard display boxes may be preferred but they should be perfect for the item. The shape can be unique but it should allow the merchandise to fit properly inside.

Cardboard counter display boxes need much consideration when being created as they have many roles to play, as seen above.