This Blog Is the Perfect Guide for New Moms

This Blog Is the Perfect Guide for New Moms


There are various sites on the internet that you can access as a new parent who is looking for advice on bringing up their child. Milk Drunk is one such blog where mothers can find resources that particularly help them out in various stages of a child’s life.

Any necessary information can be easily accessed through articles, and the parents can continue to apply their efforts in peace, with no fears of criticism or judgment from other busybodies.

Expert Advice

Milk Drunk has separated its articles according to the needs of the mother and child, which also makes them easy to locate. One of the categories that you can browse through, is ‘Experts Tell All’. In it, experts have provided their advice on various subject matters that parents may be forced to face as the child grows.

The articles are written in a concise manner which provides the parent with relevant information. The interviews are conducted with the specialists who discuss topics such as the baby’s health, safe foods for babies, breastfeeding, and anything else you can think of.

Parental Advice

To further amplify the support that the blog provides to parents, it also includes articles from other parents who have faced challenges while bringing up their child. The blog provides them a safe space to discuss their mistakes, and warn other parents from repeating them.

This is a particularly helpful category as these articles discuss the topics such as being publicly judged for breastfeeding, discussing bodily changes brought on by maternity, and warning parents about the dangers of assumption.

Feeding Advice

The blog has another category aimed at one of the biggest challenges parents face, which is feeding their child. As the child grows parents are forced to look at new sources of food for the kid and help them move onto healthy meals.

Milk Drunk doesn’t shy away from topics that are considered taboo for mothers and openly discusses the benefits of formula if you can no longer breastfeed. The articles provide advice for emergency situations where the mother may have run out of milk for the baby, tips to help gassy babies, and products that can help you feed the baby.

Advice for Moms

The blog doesn’t just provide advice on how to take care of a baby, but also how a mother can take care of herself. Being a mother is a full-time job, and many ladies forget to take out time to eat, bathe and even sleep.

The constant recklessness can cause mothers to burn out and find herself stressed, tired and weak from the daily grind. Milk Drunk offers advice to mothers to not be too hard on themselves, and help them ignore criticism and judgment from others. The articles help push aside common misconceptions and helps them tackle the task with surety.


Mothers need all the help they can get, and Milk Drunk is one such resource. Whether you are a new mom, or simply a parent who is looking for advice from others, Milk Drunk is the perfect stop to find it all.