Things You Have To Remember While Selecting Hemp Boxes

hemp boxes

Cannabis is a thriving industry growing at an unanticipated rate. It is expected to reach $50 billion by the end of the year 2026. Although it seems that the industry is still new, the legalization of cannabis has brought several remarkable advancements across the sector. One of the latest changes is in its product packaging design. Being specific to hemp, the level of sophistication in design and marketing is reaching another level. According to the experts, the consumers of today are highly concerned about how their cannabis looks. Therefore its packaging has become a specific consideration. Let us discuss here a couple of things you should keep in mind before selecting hemp boxes for your brand:

Compete Well in the Retail Environment:

With the increasing market competition and changes in regulations from state to state, there are hundreds of options to consider while developing your product packaging design. Now, the quality of your product alone is not sufficient. To grab the consumer’s attention in seconds a well-designed hemp packaging is needed that outshines on retail shelves. Designing your boxes attractively and innovatively can increase your market share by generating meaningful sales. It should not only look aesthetically appealing but also prove functional to use. Design hemp boxes in a way that they provide ultimate protection to your products keeping them safe during the transition. If your packaging design fits well in all these aspects, it can compete well in a retail environment.

Branding is the KEY:

The primary packaging used for a variety of hemp products is the same in size and shape across different brands. Because of these similarities, well-crafted branding is the most effective way to make your products stand out among the others. You can work on it in different amazing ways. Print a signature design for your brand directly on the boxes or attach a colorful label to appeal to the customers. Use a creative logo to set a unique brand identity.

It has been seen that in the efforts of creating something innovative, the brands overdo with their packaging design. As a result, your packaging becomes unable to set a unique brand identity. Whatever options you choose just make sure that your branding is cohesive across your products and creates a wonderful first impression. For this you do not need to be loudest all the time, rather experimenting with a clean and simple look can sometimes create an everlasting impact? This makes customers associate your brand with higher quality.

 Let Your Product Speak for Itself:

As most of the audience has not tried your product, therefore, you might not be able to sell it well. By making your hemp packaging more interactive you can grab the attention of a large number of buyers. Introduce the content that can be scanned through a smartphone. This will link the customer to your company’s website to get additional product information, contact customer service, leave reviews, or be updated about the latest newsfeed. The customers of today have become more excited about the products they want to purchase. They will be more than delight if the product speaks for itself as it gets into the customers’ hands or displays behind the counter. Such linked content provided at the required moment serves as an additional piece of education that can turn prospective customers into loyal ones.

 Don’t Forget to Highlight Important Details:

The customers of today are more concerned about getting the details of their hemp products. They want to know everything about it. The information that can’t be explained verbally or through advertisement can be well-explained by using custom-designed packaging. Therefore, never forget to highlight your brand’s name, logo, tagline, and other product-related details like ingredients, their percentage proportion, directions to use, and dosage, etc. Moreover, many growing companies use sample kits to market their products to dispensaries and other retail locations. Custom hemp boxes displaying your product and branding can make a wonderful first impression and arouse the businesses’ interest in your merchandise. Digital printing is used these days to provide a great packaging solution for short-run orders. Full-color graphics look highly adorable and impactful.

Maximize the Shelf Impact:

Undoubtedly, safety and security are the top priorities for all cannabis retailers. But creating a good shelf impact is something that makes your product sell more. For this, you should be highly concerned about how your brand looks externally. Design hemp boxes by keeping some of the key factors in mind like market trends, customer preferences, and product requirements, etc. Let us take the example of hemp oil. It’s the essential requirement that the product should be first enclosed in a glass or plastic jar and then in custom hemp oil boxes to enhance the level of protection. Such packaging does not only help in retaining the product quality but also maximizes the shelf impact leading to an increase in sales. Similarly, you have to stay updated about the hemp packaging design trends to make your products outshine the retail shelves.

Experiment with Unique Packaging Styles:

Cannabis brands are taking advantage of rapid industrial growth and consumers’ enthusiasm to push their branding to the next level. Through packaging, they are discovering better ways to connect with the target audience. Digital print offers you several options to get creative with your packaging design for a better impact. You can choose any artwork easily without making a big investment in cost. Quick iterations to know what resonates well with your customers are easier to implement than ever. Moreover, there are plenty of packaging options to play with. Choose tuck end boxes, the one with handles, inserts, windows, closing flaps, sleeves, flip-top or a separate lid, etc. Experiment with unique packaging styles and personalized artwork to reap maximum benefits.