Things the Fleet Needs To Know About the Dealer Scan Tools

Vauxhall diagnostics

The fleet owners can bring down the time for vehicle diagnostics. Instead of sending it back to the original dealer, they can do the job themselves by owning the right dealer scan tools. Due to the nature of the job, their trucks are usually idle which causes the build-up of soot in the engine that leads to the derate mode. If they do not have the right equipment, they would have to call the genuine OEM dealers that cost the fleet both time and money.

To find the genuine dealer scan tools, the following steps are needed to be followed:

Finding Correct Tool

Due to the use of heavy-duty machinery, the fleet managers need to be highly expert in this market to find the right tool. This includes the knowledge and understating of the basic tools they need, and also its applications to make the right decision. When it comes to scan tools, the fleet has two options. They can either opt for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tools like from Maverick Diagnostics or go for an aftermarket tool.

The OEM tools usually focus on software made for a single component of the vehicle, whereas an aftermarket tool can focus on multiple components. But, keep in mind that the latter can impact the results so make sure to go for a genuine OEM tool. However, at the end of the day, the decision is yours that can vary based on vehicle needs and your budget.

Keep Up-To-Date with Software

The most important thing to remember with any scan tool is that their software will need constant updates to work properly. For instance, in the vehicle industry, there are several ids software updates available at reasonable prices so that the tool always gives accurate diagnostics against the latest technology advancements. We are mentioning this factor here because it is often overlooked by the fleet managers. The vehicle manufacturers offer updates throughout the year as they find glitches in the previous versions and introduce new diagnostic information.

A Useful Investment

The fleet managers should keep in mind that the correct diagnostic tools can save a lot of money in the future as they are good to maintain the health of their vehicles. Given the complexity of the vehicle system now, it is hard to use the old scan tools for accurate diagnosis and repair. The latest diagnostic equipment helps the technician to repair the damages for overall improvement in the vehicle’s efficiency. Secondly, it can be very frustrating for the technicians if they do not have the right equipment for vehicle’s issues. This can affect the performance of the entire fleet.

These are some of the things that fleet managers must take into consideration before choosing any dealer-level scan tool. It not only saves money but also helps in bringing down the repair time. Instead of sending the vehicle to a genuine OEM dealer, you can buy the right diagnostic equipment to do the job yourself.