There’s a Handy App for Finding Truck Driver Jobs


Learn About a Phone App That’s Changing the Game in the Trucking Industry

It seems like everything is in the palm of our hands these days. Want quick Thai food? You’re only a tap or two away from fast Pad Thai at your doorstep. It seems that apps are quickly becoming our go-to way to get anything done with convenience. So, why not for the trucking industry?

While there are many moving parts and a significant amount of heavy-lifting involved in this industry, there’s no reason that a smartphone application shouldn’t be involved in helping businesses find truckers, and helping truckers find truck driver jobs. The big question is, however, how does this all work?

How a State-of-the-Art Trucking App Works

Drivers who are interested in working as independent contractors sign up for the app. So do businesses who know they are going to need drivers fast.

When a trucker is interested in working, they simply turn on the app to signal to businesses that they’re available to drive. Each trucker has a profile, so that businesses can learn more about them.

On the business side, the business creates a job, then has their pick of truckers who are available on the app. Truckers can agree to a job after learning more about the business (each business has its own profile as well), and both parties exchange information, relevant paperwork, and the job begins.

Isn’t This How It Always Worked?

The app concept for trucking jobs seems so simple, it’s kind of a shock that it hadn’t been done before. But, sometimes, simple things are overlooked in lieu of more complicated processes.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry doesn’t always play by these simple rules. And more significantly, businesses have recently struggled to fill all of the trucking jobs they have available. Many truckers are burned out from the road.

Now that there is a convenient way to offer truckers independently-contracted jobs, it gives them an opportunity to set the kind of schedule they want, on their own terms. Freedom and flexibility are very rarely a part of the trucking industry, but this new phone app finally brings these benefits to the table with the convenience of modern technology.

Why is There a Driver Shortage in the First Place?

As we’ve mentioned, the difficulties of the job can be rough on a trucker. The appeal of doing a long OTR (over the road) trip across the country is not as appealing as it once was. Truckers are recognizing that they want to be home and present with their families, and they don’t want to be beholden to businesses that want them to do more, faster.

Also, the speed at which companies are demanding shipping and trucking has only increased. This was a problem before the pandemic, as the “delivered by tomorrow” phenomenon has become more prevalent with the growth of a certain giant online company that seems to be able to ship anything, anywhere within 24 hours.

However, because the pandemic caused supply-chain issues nearly everywhere, the “get it there now” culture in which businesses were operating became even more stressful – and no one has felt it more than the drivers tasked with getting the job done.

Until now, if truckers did want a more flexible schedule, they had to figure out ways to operate their own businesses and try to make connections with companies who needed drivers. Many drivers felt stuck in a liminal space, where they were unsure if they wanted to work full-time for a trucking company, and they certainly had difficulty finding jobs independently.

That has all changed with the advent of a trucking app that links truckers and businesses together.

An App Disrupting the Trucking Industry for Good

Technology has always been a blessing and a curse for our society, but – when it comes to the well-being of truckers – it certainly has brought about a needed change.

Now, truckers can experience more dignity in their jobs; they can be with their families; and they have more balance in their lives. They can find the jobs they want when they want them without feeling like they are in the dark about how to drive independently. Businesses are happier, too, because they have drivers who are thrilled to get back on the road and get the job done.

Further, a business that uses a trucking app knows that they are committed to something that’s been overdue for a long-time: and that’s respect for the folks who perform an often thankless – but essential – job for our society.