The Scope of Secretary Services in Hong Kong

Secretary Services in Hong Kong

Outsourcing various services have become not just a trend but also a necessity in the Corporate World. There is no limit to all services that could be outsourced. Among all other services, Secretarial Services are being outsourced to many private firms. The major reason behind outsourcing Secretary Services is because they do not have any contribution to a business revenue generation. However, without a Company Secretary, it becomes impossible for a firm to manage its statutory and legal issues in compliance with the rules and regulations as defined by the regulating authorities. 

The companies that take up these work usually act on the behalf of the Company Secretary and provide similar services. Major areas of work include bridging the gap between the administrative and other related issues that might come up during the formation of a company. Hong Kong, as you might know, is a city known for its skyscrapers and an uncountable number of both domestic and international companies. 

Role of Company Secretary 

A Company Secretary is responsible for a smooth formation of a company in the home or other countries. If you want to establish your company in Hong Kong, the Company Secretary would be responsible for looking up all the issues and formalities that might come in his/her way during the formation/registration of a company in Hong Kong. 

Some of the major responsibilities of a Company Secretary (CS) are:

  1. Documents of Ownership: Ownership documents are legal documents that determine who owns a company or a chain of companies. It is not a share certificate or any contract, instead, it is a register of members who own the company. A CS is responsible to draft such documents that are true and follows rules and regulations. 
  1. Ensuring Law: When a company is formed, it must have a detailed file of documents that must include information related to the distribution of dividends, issue of new shares, and various other decisions that are in the interest of both company and its stakeholders. A CS has to make sure all the documents are legally valid. 
  1. Other Matters: A CS is responsible for solving all kinds of disputes from a legal perspective. He/she must ensure that all the functions and steps taken during and after the formation of a company are sorted out and assure the smooth functioning of the company. 

How to find the right Secretary Services in Hong Kong

3E Accounting Limited is a private company that has established itself as the best Hong Kong Secretarial Company. If you are looking for secretarial services in Hong Kong, 3E Accounting provides all kinds of corporate and secretarial services that ensure the smooth functioning of the business. 

Over the years, it has established itself as one of the best Corporate Services providers in the city. Apart from being Hong Kong company formation specialist, 3E Accounting Limited offers an array of corporate services some of which are mentioned below:

  • Ensuring that all activities are being executed in compliance with defined rules and regulations
  • Managing Annual Return of the company
  • Preparing documents for Annual General Meeting
  • Acting as an advisor in tax/law related matters, etc.

3E Accounting Limited acts as an advisor for your firm. Our agents have a sound knowledge of rules and regulations in law-related matters. From incorporating a company in Hong Kong to providing corporate services, you can rely on 3E Accounting.