The dance originated from various cultures which have been practiced in the ancient period. There are many passionate dancers practicing day and night to master the art form. The dancers feel a soulful connection when they perform. Different types of dance forms were born in various regions around the world.  Even before the discovery of electronic music, the dance originated. International Dance Day is being celebrated every year on April 29, as a tribute to Jean Georges Noverre the founder of ballet. The most important aspect and something all the dancers embrace is their dance shoes.

Dancing is an art and it enhances the focus, multitasking abilities, the flexibility of a person invariably. Dance even changes the perspective of how a person deals with the world and their fellow being. The most passionate dancers consider dance like their life. Dancers take their inspiration from every aspect of life.


Like every other creation in this world, dance is also very diverse and unique in its way. There are different dance forms found all around the world. Each dance form requires a specific dance shoe. Some of the most popular dance styles are listed below.


The jazz style of dance has been originally derived from the African ritual dance back in the 17th century. This style of dance came into practice in 1917 in the regions of New Orleans. Jazz is a unique style and it’s about poised postures. This style requires specific dress and pointed dance shoes for practice to attain accuracy and comfortability. Parents enroll their kids in jazz classes at a very younger age. The size of dance shoes for jazz starts from XXXS for both girls and girls. 


Tap dance is a combination of step, clog, juba, and Irish dancing styles where they create percussions tapping the floor in an orderly rhythm. People started performing this style in the mid-1800s. The fascinating aspect of tap dancing is the shoes. During earlier days manufacturers used wood and leather soles. In 1910 metallic soles were added to the soles to get a deeper and impactful sound. This dance form also has other subcategories like classical, modern, post-modern, and broadway styles. 


This dance form originated in the 15th century from Italy. The dance shoes which ballet dancers use are called pointe shoes. It plays a vital role because this dance style is all about grace, balance, and dancing on the toes. The shoes are weightless and have a wide range of collections in sizes, styles, and shapes. The costumes also play a major part in this dance form as it is more like a narration.


Hip hop is a collaboration of different dance styles like locking, breaking, popping, jazz, tap, and so on. These dancers are incredibly versatile and flexible. Hip hop dancers are always found wearing baggy clothes and this dance form doesn’t have any specific shoe type. Hip Hop originated as a street style dance later developed extensively to the world of dance and it has become a separate culture. 

People started dancing as a celebration or a representation of their culture and customs. It has evolved into a valuable profession, where every dancer strives so hard to master the dance style they adopted. It’s not just grooving to the music there is a lot of creativity, innovation, and effort put into it. Every dancer put their heart and soul into all their performances. The accessories, costumes, backstage preparations, properties have to be planned. Many dancers state that the stage is the place where they feel most alive. Dancers are deeply connected to their shoes and treat them like a friend. Dancers and shoes are inseparable entities bound together by dance

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