The Best Car Buffing Machines and Price in Kenya You Need To Know About

Whether one is a detailed professional or a person who loves working on their own car, a good quality car buffer will help you maintain the look of your vehicle as well as preserving the paintwork. The car buffer can fill in some scratches, remove several deposit buildup, plus giving the surface a clean, uniform tone.

Porter-Cable Speed Buffer

The porter cable variable speed allows one to adjust from 2500 to 6800 orbits in every minute. One can account for the surface, the temperature, and what is used to buff. The compact of the porter cable body includes a built-in handle, a side-swappable handle which is secondary for the left or hand side usage of the hand. It is durable with a variable speed.

DEWALT Variable High-Speed Buffer

This buffer has a 20V of lithium-ion battery. It is very flexible for car buffing, allowing you to take out scratches at any work site. DEWALT car buffer lacks a load speed of 800 up to 2200 rpm, which will enable it to work effectively in several applications. The battery can be shared by DEWALTs line that has MaxXR cordless powered tools; hence you can share the batteries and charges with other equipment for an added convenience.


The buffer has a 7-inch pad with a 12.5-amp motor, making it ready to perform jobs that range from light waxing to imperfection removal. It also includes a ball-bearing engine used for smoothness and more longevity together with six variable speeds, which allows you to choose how much buffing you may require. It also a digital screen and speed choice memory.

CUBEWAY Dual-Action Buffer

This car buffer has a huge D-shape handle plus a pistol-grip with a trigger making it easy to use all day. It also includes a dual-action polisher that does the swirl-free work of shining the paint without burning the finish. It has 12 different variables speeds set from 1800 up to 5000 rpm plus a lock-on with helping you while buffing.

Tips on how to use a car buffer?

Ensure that the car is clean when applying some wax and buffing. Go easy on the pressure while applying the wax. Push the buffer harder against your car’s body panels may cause damage to the paint coat. Using a car buffing machine on your vehicle takes time, but to do it right, however by the time you do the third buffing, you will be an expert?

Do not dry-polish or wax the paint. When applying the wax using a buffer, put some wax on the pad before placing the buffer pad on the color. After that, move it around the car to distribute the wax before you turn the buffer on. A lower RPM ensures less heat buildup, which is best for easy waxing and some polishing. Make sure you use both a pad plus compounds, which are designed to do the buffing process.