The 5 Most Expensive Places to live in Vietnam

Vietnam is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it tends to be forgotten amongst considerations for the best places to visit in the world. Even so, it makes much of its profits through tourism, and thus you probably weren’t expecting to hear it, but – some of its cities are severely expensive to live in. Some going so far as to make lists of top 20 most expensive cities in the world!

So, if you’re thinking of making a new life for yourself in any of the following cities, I suggest you give it some thought first:

  1. Hoi An

If you didn’t know, a single US Dollar is worth about 23,000 Vietnamese Dongs. So if you’re earning your profits from overseas, living here shouldn’t be desperately expensive, but it’s still quite strenuous in terms of pricing.This would certainly make living in Hoi An much easier.

Known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, city centre single bedroom apartment prices will average out at around 5,137,500.00 ₫ a month. Which doesn’t compare to their prices outside of the centre, which are miraculously higher at an average of 5,977,868.81 ₫!


The Vietnamese capital of Hanoi is famed for its culture and architecture, which spans back centuries. Although it’s only fourth on the list, it’s still quite an expense, with single bedroom apartments near the city centre costing a monthly average of 8,265,077.59 ₫, and as much as 5,396,400.88 ₫ outside the city centre.

It’s a city very much worth visiting if not living, however, with its gorgeous structures, temples, and its heavy focus on Eastern Asian design. It’s also hailed as a generally safe city to explore, especially for tourists.

3.Nha Trang

The coastal resort city of Nha Trang is well renowned and celebrated for its long beaches, as well as its many offshore islands. Here, you’ll find a single bedroom apartment in the city centre costing around 8,062,445.36 ₫ – slightly cheaper than Hanoi’s city centre, but what puts Nha Trang above Hanoi in expense is its average prices outside of the city centre. These being around 6,250,000.00 ₫, nearly a million more a month.

2.Da Nang

Da Nang is often found on lists of the most expensive places to live in Vietnam, and much of it comes down to its sandy beaches fishing industry. It’s a municipality, with a long history as a French colonial post. A single bedroom apartment in the city centre in Da Nang will end up costing you a monthly average of 10,160,886.98 ₫. One outside the centre will be closer to around 7,985,043.89 ₫.

  1. Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, or as it used to be called: Saigon, is the most expensive city to live in when it comes to Vietnam. A 2019 census had revealed the dense population of this city, with 8.9 million residing within city proper and somewhere over 21 million within the metropolitan area. You’ll find a single bedroom apartment in the city centre costing you upwards of 13,123,098.05 ₫ a month, and 9,371,049.98 ₫       outside the centre. It’s densely packed and highly urbanised, by far the most expensive city in all of Vietnam.