Succulent Market: Bring Lively Breath to Your Home

A home is a place where we don’t only sleep at night. This place has a deeper connection to us. Everyone loves their home sweet home differently. But one thing is for sure. Inhouse decoration reflects one’s personality and choices.

Indoor plants have always been a great choice as a showpiece or creative pieces. They are little gardens inside the busy city life that brings a calm breeze. This is a feeling you don’t get from ac or fancy antiques. 

Indoor Plant Choice: 

There are about 4 million different species of plants out there. But not everyone is opting to be in your kitchen or drawing-room. To help you choose, we came up with some ideas of indoor plants that are lucrative and multi-purpose.  

Mint: A tint of mint as a mouth freshener or two leaves in the morning tea. Most of us have this habit. Wouldn’t it be great if the mint came from your kitchen?  You can easily keep a pot beside the cooker and water anytime you want. They are extremely high regenerating, so one plant can serve you months after month.

Cactus: The C in cactus stands for classy. People with a sober and refined taste can keep different styles and species of cactus in the drawing-room. They need very little maintenance. Also, they have an instinct of keeping insects from them. Useful for your plant and home both.

Bonsai: These are classic examples of art and plantation. Bonsai is the miniature version of bigger trees. It takes years of shaping and careful growth monitoring to make a bonsai. It might be expensive but worth the value. 

Succulents: These are plants almost similar to cactuses. Extremely beautiful plants with a wonderful energy to survive. If you are a busy employee with almost no time to care for the plants. Succulents can be a better option for you. Every time you enter the home, they’ll welcome the same green, thriving look. You can order succulents online too. Saving you more time and energy. 

Where to Look for: 

If you are planning to decorate your room with more plants the first option is the nearest nursery or succulent markets. You can go there, check, and choose the plants you want. Plus the staff there will help you with all the care tips and tricks.

But most of the time there is not enough variety. Especially for classy and variant plants. So if you are a more passionate person, you can buy succulents online from various websites.  There are so many online nurseries nowadays to choose from. They will offer you a real photo of the plant, short videos of how to take care, and sometimes customize your pot. Also, there are succulents for sale nowadays. Isn’t it just great? 

Some Tips and Tricks: 

Taking care of plants is not so much of a hassle. Plus working with mud, soil, and grass can be a great relaxation. But if you want to keep your plant healthy you need to know the following tips.  

Make Cutting: 

Instead of buying multiple plants of the same variety, you can make cutting to grow more. All you have to do is cut a branch, cover it in fertilizer filled soil, water it for a few days, and you’re blessed with a new plant soon. This will boost your plant’s growth and help you with the budget too. 

Regular shaping: 

Keep the weed out. Drain the water from roots now and then. This will help your plant to grow better.

Organic Fertilizer: 

Add mud, waste of fruits and veggies, or organic ready to use fertilizer for your plant. 

Plants are better than any pricey showpiece to just scream at people that you have money. A little investment in nature, to all of our future.