SOULFLVR: a musical phenomenon in making

If a random person asks you in the street about 2020, most of us will reply negatively. There is no doubt that this year came as a curse to us. Everything went in lockdown, no work, no social gathering, nothing at all to soothe the mind. Most importantly, all of our loved ones, including us, are in great danger of getting affected by the lethal virus. All of our plans and goals are at a halt for the past nine months. There is no definite hope that things will go back to the So, being sad about such a year is sufficient. But, some people took this year as a challenge. They overcame all their boundaries and lack ins to evolve as a better version of themselves. In our hard and hectic city life, it is tough to manage time for our passion amidst the tension of earning the daily necessities. SOULFLVR is one of such persons who took the year 2020 as a year of growth and progress and made his dream real. If you feel the urge to know more about this person, then please scroll below.

SOULFLVR history

SOULFLVR comes from the land of warriors and artists. If you could not guess it, then the ground in Germany. SOULFLVR and his family come from an ethnic city of Germany named Düsseldorf. He spent his childhood here playing with music, tunes, and songs. His interviews reveal that he played with music and lights since he was eleven years old guy. His parents were conscientious and understanding regarding his career choice, and passion is fundamental in his career growth. SOULFLVR started his schooling with audio engineering and passed out with an outstanding result. After graduation, the artist joined a television network for regular podcasts. But, it was not the end of the goal for SOULFLVR. He aspired for more in life. It is the reason the artist left the job as the chief engineer of the sound engineering department of that TV network. You might understand the amount of courage it takes to go to such a well-paid and established corporate job to pursue something completely unsure. Music is no less than meditation. Some people gain fame within a few months, whereas some remain in the dark for years after years. There is no surety of success and neither of the payment. But, passionate artists like SOULFLVR plays for their self-improvement and satisfaction. So, SOULFLVR left the job and started looking for luck in the local Düsseldorf clubs on Tuesdays. The rest of the story is no less than a fairytale.

Career graph

After SOULFLVR started playing in the clubs, it made headlines for weeks in Düsseldorf. People loved his musical sense and mixing capacity. Soon enough, he started working on his songs and releasing them. SOULFLVR is a deep house and beach fusion lover artist. You will find deep yearning and the most profound feelings from the heart’s core coming out to the surface.

New Year Collab of SOULFLVR

The latest track by SOULFLVR is coming out in the new year. The beach house remix track named „Dance With Me“ is coming out on all the digital musical platforms on first of January 2021. Here the artist will be collaborating with a talented female artist called Nora from One Violin Orchestra. According to SOULFLVR, this track is going to be a happy memory for us of 2020. We should not end a year with a bitter feeling and challenging thoughts. So, it is better to let it all go with the music of SOULFLVR.