some migrant families are taken in the US-Mexico border

At the US-Mexico border, some migrant families are taken in

US Mexico border

Maribel e Paso, holding her 5-month-old baby with a black and white Mickey Mouse blanket, reached the top of the bridge in Del Norte, where the United States ended and Mexico began.

3 36-year-old Honduran mother stopped at the top just after 5 am, unsure of what to do next. The last hours were annoying. Illegally crossed the border in the dark and cold. US border patrol turned into a city with fingerprints over a bridge that could be particularly dangerous to those who do not know.

She said I couldn’t imagine what happened. I came to give my son a better future. I thought they were taking women with children.

Since the opening, Biden administration officials have repeatedly insisted that the border is closed, but the message is intercepted by Kuwaiti smugglers and thousands of people trying to cross the border unnoticed. boundary.

Troy Miller, a senior management official serving as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, said at a recent press conference that the border was not open. The faster we move to rebuild, it will take time.

On the border in El Paso-Juarez, the Border Patrol continues to deport immigrants to Mexico, including people of Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil and other nationalities, under the heading of 42 public health laws administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Agoto prevents the spread of COVID-19 in border containment facilities.

42 Title prohibits Border Patrol from being set up at public gatherings.

The border was closed to Meribel E, who said that her full name should not be used due to her precarious immigration situation. That same week, however, border guards escorted Halloruran’s mother to the El Paso-Juarez border and handed over to El Paso dozens of immigrant families who had recently passed away with loving children in South Texas – some were in the process of deportation. To the United States.

Gloria Chavez, head of the U.S. Border Patrol El Paso industry, told El Paso Times that since March 7 the El Paso industry has been receiving a wide variety of family units from the South Texas area every day, and the agency’s priority is to process and fire them. 42 when they started Mexico.

We are working very closely with the Mexican government and there are also capacity issues we need to take into account; Chavez said in an email that a limited number of families from the region and South Texas could therefore be deported to Ciudad Juarez every day in coordination with Mexican immigration officials.

He said he encouraged local El Paso city and county officials and non-governmental organizations to coordinate family evacuation in our local NGO asylum network from the South Texas area.

Director Ruben Garcia said that El Paso’s Destruction House shelters accepted the released families. Released families are the daily arrivals of immigrants waiting in Jurassic under immigration protection protocols.

The number of immigrants crossing the border to family units, with children traveling with their parents or legal guardians, increased faster in February than in August. Border Patrol arrested 18,945 people in February or faced family units that were 0 in February 4.

This number is far better than the previous year’s level, which Border Patrol feared will travel with about 5,100 people in February 2020 and family members in January 2020.

At 05:00 on Thursday, the Mexican government did not have a representative to accept the Hurricane woman, her baby and her two daughters in Juarez and two other Guatemalan mothers. The women found them in the delta of the bridge at Paso del Norte, where border passengers started their engines at idle and honked along the northbound vehicle line.

Advocates say that immigrants became particularly vulnerable within minutes and hours when they returned to Mexico from the border.

Two nonprofits, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights First, recorded hundreds of insults, including sexual harassment, theft and kidnapping, against returning immigrants in Juarez and other cities on the Mexican border.

Maribel E sat in a concrete bench and cried. She called her mother on her cell phone in the United States and left the loudspeaker on.

They kicked me out of the country, Mami. They kicked me out of Texas. I am here when you say “Punte Internacional Paso del Norte”. And my son is naked for the winter.

Didn’t they give you an appointment through a female speaker said?

Nothing Mami, nothing, nothing. They just took my passport and imagine, this kid is so cool and no, nothing, nothing with me Mami, I’m so confused …

Enrique Valenzuela, who runs the center, said the agency CAIM is in coordination with US Customs and Border Protection to take the families of the deported immigrants.

About 100 migrants expelled from the family unit on Monday were found by CAIM, Valenzuela said, and it received dozens of immigrants over the previous three days. He said that the windows of the CAIM building were facing the bridge and the agency staff watched over them as they headed south on the north side of the bridge.

Valencuela said it was decided that we would take them to the bridge at Paso del Norte. They send everyone out at noon.

CAIM instructs those who need safe places to leave for two weeks to filter shelters in religious and nonprofit refugee networks.

In fact, we can say that we are talking about the full Valenzuela asylum network. They currently have very very limited powers.

Ruben Garcia, director of the House of Anonymity in El Paso, said he received new immigrant families from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to his shelter who were released by the new Patrol Border Patrol.

Later that day, the Announcement House will also receive dozens of immigrants who have waited for years to legally enter the United States under immigration protection protocols.

As far as I can tell, the people who were released are extremely Central Americans, all family units, and they all have at least one vulnerable child, he said.