Some Features Of Gas Stoves Fireplace

Magikflame is proud to announce that the new Be Modern series of gas fireplaces are now available, including five logs and a series of handles matching finishes, awnings, and various materials and finishes.

Modern New Be Models

Slimline Gas Fire Alcazar

Alcazar’s open gas fireplace welcomes you. If you pay attention to maintaining a constant open flame, you will enter the embers phase, which will last for hours and minutes. Flames and charcoal emit radiant heat equally fast. Heat, touch the slider to reduce the heat and flame to a calm level. Alcazar with brass frets and designer finishes also offers die-cast finishes in various finishes.

Be a Modern Gas Fire Vortex

Be Modern Vortex is a deep-drawn chimney, specially developed for brick and precast concrete chimneys. This is not just a practical consideration, it means that the fire bed extends further back and expands the view of the flame. Keep attracting their attention. By generating more than 3 kW of heat, Vortex can significantly improve your comfort.

Recessed gas fire in deep line speed

The hottest open fire in the new Be without vent Gas Fireplace is Be Modern Velocity. That’s because a convection system complements the radiant heat from the deep coal bed.

It intelligently sucks room temperature air through the inlet at the bottom of the collar, passes it through the heat exchanger, and then releases it back to the room as superheated air through the canopy. The efficiency is also as high as 62%. If you like an open look, Velocity is your best choice.

Controlling modern gas fireplaces

Imperium’s modern heat-permeable glass panels can concentrate radiant heat in the room without having to inhale colder air. The result is a high efficiency of 87%, which reduces operating costs. And the same styles as our open fireplaces.

Deep Gas Fire with Titanium

The heating output of Be Modern Titanium is 4.5 kW, which is the most spacious in the new Be Modern gas fireplace series. The deeper burner bed ensures a large amount of hot and burning flames. It is also the cheapest to use. The glass front radiates a lot of heat into the room, reaching an impressive 89°.


Some of these new products have an efficiency of over 85%, which makes their operating costs lower than the old gas fires. There are prefabricated fireplaces and 1 and 2 fireplaces to choose from. Let Magikflame help you choose the perfect new bed. Modern gas fireplace.

Safety built-in

Be Modern has been producing high-quality fireplaces and fireplaces for more than 50 years. Your fire has been rigorously tested following ISO standards, has safety features such as fire extinguishers and hypoxia sensors, and both have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If the flame goes out during operation, the Be Modern fire extinguisher will turn off the gas. If the oxygen content in the room is too low or a blockage of the fireplace is detected, the hypoxia sensor will turn off the gas.