Simple Home Improvement Tips

With the right planning, you can transform the feel of a whole room with a single project that will only cost about a few hundred bucks. If you’re already an enthusiastic DIYer, you’re already in for significant savings. Below are a few examples of such easy updates.

 Easy Improvements   

Refresh your household with paint

Not just walls, floors too (with floor paint of course!). Paint comes with immense power to wash away your ‘sins’ as well as color a new reality.

Crown molding

Only certain kinds of people find pleasure in getting corners just right but everyone enjoys the perfection that crown molding brings, upgrading a plain room to an elegant one.

Stair runner

Think of it as a low-cost, non-slip upgrade to your existing staircase.

Refresh your kitchen cabinets

All you need is some strong cleaner, sandpaper, a paintbrush and a bit of elbow grease. This little transformation will bring new life into your kitchen, costing you just a fraction of even the cheapest new cabinets.

Insulate your floors in an eco-friendly way

Cold floors are nothing less than a shock to our feet, and quite an uncomfortable one. Natural cork can turn any freezing room into a cozy heaven as it is resilient yet durable, stylish yet earthly and much easier to install than traditional wood flooring. And you will eliminate the need for expensive rugs!

Revive Old Wooden Elements

Wear and tear diminishes the values of pretty much the entire household but years are especially not kind to neglected wood. Be it a door or a deck, it can be brought back to life with power-washing, hand-scrubbing and a protective coat.

Protect Walls with an Easy-to-Clean Backsplash

Putting up this inexpensive surface material will make cooking and cleaning much less stressful. Your kitchen will look much more beautiful without stains.

Prevent mold growth with a bathroom vent fan

The vent fan does more than just eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors and undesired odors. It will also prevent moisture-related problems, such as the growth of mold and mildew, that can not only be costly to remove but could also trigger health problems.

Put a fresh bead of bathroom culk

As time goes by, brown stains appear with cracks, opening doors to all sorts of colonies you do not want in your bathroom. Caulk is cheap and not at all difficult to apply, but it has to be done right if you do not want to do it every year.

 Energy Efficient Upgrades    

Energy efficient upgrades can greatly benefit your budget, allowing you to use these funds elsewhere and make your home even more beautiful!

Get an Energy-Star dishwasher

A standard Energy Star certified dishwasher will cost you about $35 per year to run and will save you more than 3.500 gallons of water over its lifetime.

Make shade with interior shutters or thick curtains

Blackout curtains are a very practical choice that will provide you with better sleep while saving your money. Their ability to block light from entering a room will help in preventing 10-25% of the thermal energy loss that comes out from window leaks. They can trim your energy bill by as much as 25%. During winter, blackout curtains will help keep the heat in the room. Interior shutters have been known at plantations but they remain a timeless addition to any home decor.

Ceiling fans – not just for summer

The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as more homeowners discover the dramatic energy savings they bring. During summer, they will create a cooling breeze and help your air conditioner work less. However, they are also useful in winter, as they spread around the heated air to keep the room warm.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Going digital can trim about $180 off your annual heating and cooling costs. The savings potential is even more amplified with smart devices that will only draw electricity when intended. But just putting your AC on “Eco mode” will set the temperature just a few degrees higher than your desired one during summer, you will not notice the difference yet your AV will work far less and draw much less electricity.

Get the Best Deal

After understanding your electricity consumption and understanding your usage habits, just go through and compare different Texas energy rates. There are so many providers out there and the right deal can take off a few hundreds of dollars of your bill.

Install New Windows

Drafts equate to lost energy and older buildings tend to have leaky windows. Newer models are much more effective at regulating interior temperature.

Modernize Lighting

Lighting accounts for one third of a home’s overall electricity bill so switch to LED or CFL light bulbs to cut your energy costs over the long-run. Also, ensure to use as much natural lighting as possible to reduce your reliance on electricity. Letting in sunshine adds free natural warmth during the winter as well as enhances the beauty of your home.


There is always stuff to do around the house. Improving your home regularly will not only enhance the value of your property, but also make you feel better as you are taking care of your nest. The more effort you put in to it, the more will your house thank you for it. So go ahead and spoil your home with these simple and low cost tips.