Serverwala Review: Why You Need a Dedicated Server for a Business Website in Brazil?

Dedicated Server

Are you finally thinking of launching your business website? Then, you should require a sort of web hosting and a reliable web host. 

Undoubtedly, plenty of options are available for you. But among them, you need to figure out which one is appropriate that accommodates your business requirements. In general, shared hosting and VPS hosting are mostly the popular choices for tyro enterprises that have little awareness of technical skills in the web hosting industry. 

But sometimes, if you want to host a large scale business website, you need the upgraded and high level web hosting, i.e., Brazil Dedicated Servers that ensure an array of reliable and compelling services for your resource-intensive websites. This is because only a rich in features website results in optimized performance, high speed, boosting your business, and maximizing revenue.

But before letting you know the benefits of choosing this hosting, first, take a deep closure to Dedicated Hosting’s principal mechanism.

Dedicated Server Brazil: Overview 

A Dedicated Server is a compelling and powerful web hosting type comprising lots of robust features and benefits for you. One exciting thing about this, you can have the resources that only you can own for your website hosting. This is because a brazil dedicated server, as per its name, provides you the devoted and private resource with each entry-level hosting package. It includes Random Access Memory, Dedicated Storage (SSD or HDD), Bandwidth, Standard Security, great backups, and CPU usage at an affordable price. 

Apart from that, you can have the greater flexibility to choose the different types of Dedicated Server Brazil packages. If you have a sound knowledge of technical terms and able to manage your hosting, you can opt for the Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Else, if you want that your web host will maintain and manage your server for you, then paying a little higher, you can opt for the Managed Dedicated Server. Let’s know what you can employ if you choose the Cheapest Dedicated Server Brazil plans.

Benefits of Hosting Website on Brazil Dedicated Server 

A Dedicated Server is a robust web hosting that usually fulfills small to large scale businesses’ requirements. Patrons basically opt for the Best Dedicated Server in Brazil when they want a broad range of lucrative resources to accomplish their large scale businesses like E-commerce and Online Shopping website needs. So, here let’s plunge into the exclusive perks you can employ to leverage your website. 

#1. Rock-Solid Security

One of the primary reasons for opting for the Brazil Dedicated Servers is the heightened security. Most businesses want to prefer hosting, which gives robust and high-end security to secure website data. That’s how a Brazil Dedicated Server hosting is the popular and prior choice of users to provide rock-solid security. It includes DDoS protection, Data encryption, Server Secure Security, Firewalls, Antivirus, Inbuilt data security software to protect confidential data and personal credentials from cyberattacks. 

#2. Little to no Limitations

Shared Hosting as providing you the limited resources similarly restrict you from using resources at a limit. After that, it is unable to accomplish your website. Therefore, Dedicated is the user’s #1 choice that benefits you with the bundles of excellent gainful benefits by ensuing the unlimited services. It also gives you the flexibility to scale up your resources whenever required. 

#3. Your Own IP address

A dedicated Server Hosting Brazil being provided a unique and user-friendly platform gives you a unique Ip address for your server. So, any activity and disaster that happens with your neighboring site won’t affect your site performance and speed. Apart from that, if any user wants to reach you, they can easily reach you using your website URL. You can’t expect such flexibility for hosting your website on a unique IP with shared hosting in which you need to share your IP with multiple websites. 

#4. Root Access

Shared Hosting being beginner friendly and allowing resource sharing, comes with the pre configurations in which you won’t get any root access. In contrast, a Dedicated Server Brazil provides you complete server control in your hands. So, you can manage your server accordingly and make any configurations needed for your website security, optimizing performance, speed, and so on. 

#5. Customization & Control

Customization is a much-needed factor when doing online business. This is because it is sure when you dedicatedly start your own business, then grow with the passing time. At that moment, it requires more upgraded and enhanced resources to retain the high performance and speed of a website. Therefore, you can’t expect these benefits with a shared hosting in which if you once outreach with the existing limits of resources, only the choice left with you is to migrate or switch to higher hosting. Also, affecting your website performance. So, you can enjoy these exclusive benefits with the Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil that also ensures greater control along with customization flexibility.

You may now be aware of the industry leading and top notch benefits of powerful web hosting, but how you know what’s the right time to make a move towards Dedicated Hosting or when you need it. Let’s see.

When You Need a Dedicated Server Hosting for Business Website in Brazil? 

When you are using the shared hosting, after a few years, your site hits with high traffic, increased visitors, sluggish performance, slow speed, etc. You will realize that now a small hosting won’t work for your business anymore. At that moment, you need high-caliber hosting that boosts your business without affecting any aspect that helps to grow your business. So, let’s take a look at the factors that influence you to host your site on the Best Dedicated Server in Brazil: 

-Your website has a lot of traffic : 

Shared Hosting gives you the limited resources and flexibility to handle a significant amount of user traffic on your website. But that significant traffic, when converted into the high traffic, then shared hosting stops working well. Therefore, Dedicated Hosting works here to handle your website even if it hits with a thousand visitors a day. 

-You are dealing with Secure Information : 

When you are running a sensitive information website or concern about data security, shared hosting is not a well-suited solution for you that is open for resource sharing. Therefore, you require rock solid security hosting that gives you high-end and encrypted security. Thus, Dedicated hosting well an appropriate and perfect choice that ensures an SSL certificate and a complete combination of powerful and robust cyber securities. 

-SEO and search engine rank is your lifeblood : 

Again, if one site gets affected by malicious activities or is suspected of suspicious activities, your SEO efforts won’t work because of sharing resources. Therefore, for improving SEO work at a rapid pace. You need a Cheap Dedicated Server Brazil, if you want to boost your ranking and need better search results. 

When you face these issues while running your website, at that moment no need to think, just get assured that it’s the time when you need the Dedicated Server. Therefore, choose it very wisely for your business. 

How to Choose the Right Brazil-based Dedicated Server? 

Among the plenty of options, how will you figure out which dedicated option is best for your business? Therefore, start with the basics and comprehend the complete requirements within your budget. See what else you need to consider before choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil for your business. 

-Look at Cost: Undoubtedly, a brasil dedicated server is an expensive hosting comparatively another web hosting while ensuring a broad range of reliable services. Therefore, you must need to ensure your budget for your business to host your site on it. Well, if you can’t afford a dedicated server, then to use this hosting, you can pay only for the customized services that must be affordable for you. 

-Access Website Performance Needs: Analyze your website performance needs such as bandwidth, storage, RAM etc that boost your website. This evaluation will help you to determine the best dedicated server in brazil for your business. 

-Figure Out complete Specifications: Every website has its own specifications and requirements. So, let’s know your business’s requirements. Such as which operating system you require, which control panel is best, file server, database server, domain server, application server etc. And figure out where you get all at the lowest price. This will help you to determine the best server for you.

Serverwala – The Best Provider of Cheap Dedicated Server Brazil 

Serverwala is one of the best and leading web host providers that established its company in 2012, India. The company has been awarded for being the best provider for delivering industry-leading services. Including bandwidth, uptime, security, backups, and much more, with customer-focused support. Moreover, to furnish its services globally, it has opened its branches in surat and Nasik. It provides various web hosting solutions, including small to large, basic to premium at cheap to high price. So, you can have a vast range of availability from which you can choose the best one for your business. 

Let’s see how a Serverwala considered to be the best provider of Cheap Dedicated Server Bazil for your business:

  • 24/7 Constant Technical Support
  • Efficient interconnectivity
  • 99.99% Guaranteed uptime
  • End to End Data Encryption
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Data Migrations
  • 30 Days Money Return Guarantee

Plans & Packages of Best Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil

Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides various web hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. With all hosting solutions, the company provides fully featured and best-in-company standard services at an affordable price. So, look at the below-mentioned pricing and choose which dedicated packages meet your business requirements. 

Final Words

Every business has its own workflow, strategies, capabilities, requirements. And budget that they keep in mind while searching for the best solutions. So, ensuring to meet your business requirements. Dedicated Server Brazil gives you the high caliber services with 24*7 customer and technical support to handle traffic surge. Enable customization, control server configurations, standard security measures, and much more at an affordable price. We can say it is a one stop solution for you that accelerates your business growth. That’s why you need to consider it for your business.