SAP Business One on HANA-Future of SME

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The corporate world is competitive and the companies which are very agile and adapt the latest technologies and are cost efficient can only survive and this becomes even more difficult for the small and medium enterprises (SME) as they lack the financial resources and are stuck with using the old business solutions which makes them less competitive in comparison to the larger players. SAP SAP B1 on HANA offers them the solution where they can improve their efficiency and reduce the costs thereby becoming a profitable enterprise.

Some of the features of SAP HANA include

  • With the help of SAP Business One on HANA you can get the real time information, this can be very helpful for both the management and the employees as the management can get first-hand information on the current situation of the projects and take decisions accordingly, also the sales people can present real time quotations to their customers and close the deals helping the company’s business
  • SAP Business One on HANA helps in improvement of the efficiency of both the employees and the company, the employees will be able to perform many of the tasks without the help of IT employees who can then be used for other priority jobs. Also SAP Business One on HANA would improve the processes of the company by identifying the duplicate one’s and removing them, this makes the process more efficient.
  • SAP Business One on HANA provides a complete user friendly interface which helps in creation of the multiple dashboard screens with the help of screen designer, and usage of the advanced filters for the configuration of different sets of data. A personalized work center is provided which can help them view, perform, search and organize the regular work, widgets are also provided that can help
  • SAP Business One on HANA has the feature of the Enterprise level search where the information on the business can be found as if you search for data on the internet. You can enjoy the seamless experience and search the templates, sort the results etc. This is a very user friendly feature helping get the information that is needed. Click here
  • SAP Business One can give insight into the business deals with the customers, predictability in the operations of the sales, and some of the supported activities would be management of the sales activities, management of the data of the all the customers, management of the sales documents and all the changes can be updated in the SAP business One system.
  • SAP Business One on HANA has the feature of Delivery Schedule management where you can have complete grip on the scheduled deliveries with changing quantities on the move, able to schedule the delivery date, and reallocate the quantities of the document for the fulfillment of the quantity of target document.

SAP Business One on HANA is a powerful ERP software tool available for the SME who can explore the real time information before making the decisions also, this improves the productivity by taking up the control measures.