Rose Gold Jewellery is the New Classic


The glamour and rosy colour of rose gold has become so popular that it’s now regarded as a new classic. Its popularity has solidified its place in many jewellery collections and competes with traditional yellow and white gold. Keep reading for more on what rose gold is, it’s origins and how to style it.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a type of coloured gold that’s made from a blend of pure gold, silver and copper to make its red-pink colour. Other names for rose gold include red gold, pink gold and Russian gold. The name ‘Russian gold’ comes from 19th Century Russia where rose gold originates from. Famous jeweller, Carl Faberge who’s best known for his Faberge eggs discovered that mixing yellow gold and copper together made a pink colour. From his revelation came rose gold that Faberge originally called Russian gold. When this method and metal became popular and adopted by other countries, it was renamed rose gold.

The strength and depth of colour depends on the ratio of gold to copper which affects the quality and karats. As rose gold is coloured gold, there’s no such thing as pure or 24ct rose gold, so rose gold carats typically range from 9ct to 18ct. Less yellow gold and a higher copper content results in a redder tone, whereas more yellow gold and less copper makes a lighter pink or champagne colour. To put this into numbers, the typical ratio for rose gold is 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver which makes 18ct rose gold. 

How to style rose gold for a classic look

So, why has rose gold become so popular? One of the main reasons is its pink colour which has a strong feminine appeal, and the colour attracts many people who are new to jewellery. The blush pink has become a symbol for love and romance and is at the forefront for many Valentine’s Day or anniversary collections. Overall, rose gold has become the new classic due to its beauty and versatility. If you’re new to rose gold and want to design yourself a classic rose gold look, here are three ways to style rose gold jewellery.

Make it all about the metal

If you’re picking rose gold jewellery, you’re clearly in love with pink so make your look all about the metal! Jewellery metals are often overlooked for gemstones or crazy designs, so choosing something sleek and simple that promotes the beauty of the metal is a great way to create a classic look. Bracelets are the best way to do this, but jewellery sets are also a creative way to make a coordinated colourful look.

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Mix your metals

If you’re looking for a more dramatic and two or three toned look, mix your metals! The soft rose gold hues make it an easy metal to pair with other colours, materials and textures. For something cool and sharp that makes rose gold the centre of attention, pair it with white gold or silver. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more dramatic you can pair rose gold and yellow gold together. Both metals are bright warm tones, so they balance each other well and add more colour to an outfit. By combining all shades of gold – rose, white and yellow – you get a true celebration of gold that shows off the metals’ glamour and versatility.

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Pair with classic gemstones

As rose gold cements itself as a classic, make your look even more classic with gemstones. Our top three to combine with rose gold are diamonds, pearls and rose quartz. Diamonds are the most popular gemstones that give an abundance of sparkle and shine. Pearls have a vintage off-white colour that shines beautifully alongside the pink hue of rose gold. Rose quartz and rose gold together create a romantic vibe that’s perfect to give to someone you love.

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