Responsibilities Within a HR Department

There is so much that goes on in a company on a daily basis. People who are unfamiliar with the world of business can often get the misconception that it is very simple. Open business, sell your goods and services, and close. If it were that simple, business owners would be delighted, and there would be a lot more of them. The truth is, there is so much that goes on in every business daily. The things you don’t see as a consumer are some of the most important tasks employees have to go through. A huge amount of these tasks are managed by the HR department.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with the world of business, you may not fully understand what an HR department does. HR stands for human resources, and they overlook much of the goings-on within the company. Their importance cannot be underestimated. Without a good HR team, companies would fail to be organized and successful. If you are considering starting your own business, you should look into getting HR services. You can get these services with Hr Dept, which can provide HR in Ripley and other areas within the UK. This will allow you to have organization and structure within your business.

So what kind of responsibilities does this team have? Here are some of the roles and tasks they must fulfill in an HR department.


When interviewing for a job, the likelihood is that you will do so with the manager; however, the first steps of recruitment are done by the HR department. They start by posting job advertisements. These ads are drawn up carefully to attract the right sort of candidates to the position. They will clearly outline the requirements and experience necessary to fulfill the role and the responsibilities the chosen candidate will be given. They will then look through the various applications and decide which individuals are best suited for the role. This then leads to them organizing interviews for said candidates. Some HR companies will even conduct the interviews themselves. Once the role has been fulfilled, HR will close the application process and begin drawing up the new employee’s contract.


In a perfect world, there is no need for any discipline within the workplace. However, this is not a perfect world. People break the rules and fall out of line. When this happens, action needs to come into place to help prevent it from happening again. This is no different when it comes to a workplace. If an employee has breached company rules, there must be some repercussions. This is administered by the HR department. The discipline varies depending on the extremity of the breach. Depending on the action, it could lead to a disciplinary write-up, warning, suspension, or even expulsion. The HR department will be responsible for providing the employee with a letter informing them of their discipline, with all the details included. The HR department will also be the ones in which the employee will speak to if wanting to appeal the decision.


New staff members will require training for any workplace. Even the most qualified candidates need to be taught the ways of their new company. This is the responsibility of HR departments. They must ensure that they give new employees appropriate training before they can independently fulfill their responsibilities. Only once the employee has completed their training, and the HR department feels the individual is now qualified may they begin working independently.


The payroll in a company is how staff members get paid. Depending on the company, employees will commonly be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It is the responsibility of the HR department to process these payments. They must look at how much staff members have worked and pay them accordingly. They must also consider factors such as overtime, sick pay, and holiday pay. If there are different rates for any of these, they must be paid accordingly. If there are any issues regarding payroll, HR must address the issue. For example, this could be the case of an employee not getting paid or receiving an incorrect amount.


During a period of probation, new employees, or staff members facing disciplinary action, will be under evaluation. This means that their performance in the workplace will be closely monitored. During this period, the staff member will have to prove they can fully accomplish their responsibilities and work at a high standard. It is the responsibility of the HR department to then take action regarding their performance. They can administer a notice of expulsion or offer said employee a new, more permanent contract.


Employee benefits are one of the main pull factors for candidates to a roll. This can include the likes of holiday pay, sick pay, annual leave, and more. It is the responsibility of the HR department to administer and keep track of these benefits. For example, keeping track of how many holiday hours an employee has used.

Employee Issues

When employees have personal issues regarding the workplace, they must contact HR. These issues could be disputes with other staff members, problems with their contracts, or a variety of other things. The HR department must listen to and understand the employee issue. They then must decide what the best solution to this problem is. They will do their best to help the employee while staying within company policies and rules. This is one of the most important roles within an HR department.