Resolved: Netgear Extender Firmware Update Failure Issue

Trying to update the Netgear extender’s firmware but a failure message continues to display? If you nod in yes, then you have landed on the right post. Here, you will be taken through some proven and effective troubleshooting tips to resolve the Netgear extender firmware update failure issue. Here we go!

Reasons Behind Netgear Extender Firmware Update Failed Issue

Netgear extender firmware update failed error can appear due to issues with your desktop/ laptop, internet connection, network security, corrupted firmware update file, or with your own Netgear extender. Let’s have a quick glance at some basic reasons why your Netgear extender firmware update fails:

  • You have downloaded the corrupted Netgear extender firmware file
  • No internet connection
  • Faulty Netgear extender’s hardware
  • Improper placement of your Netgear WiFi range extender
  • Poor network security
  • You are using the wrong login details to get into the setup page
  • Maybe you have used a damaged Ethernet cable to connect your Netgear extender and router

So, now that you have come to know the reasons why you are getting Netgear extender firmware update failure error. Without further ado, let’s walk through the solutions to fix the issue in no time. Keep scrolling down!

Fix: Netgear Extender Firmware Update Failure Error

Fix 1: First things first, check the electrical outlet in which your Netgear WiFi range extender is plugged in. On the off chance if you find any fault or defect in the wall plug, change it right away.

Fix 2: Next, check the power adapter of your Netgear WiFi extender; it should be working well.

Fix 3: Your Netgear WiFi range extender must be placed in the reach of your main router/ modem. Place your device on a higher and open location in order to get most out of them.

Fix 4: Check the WiFi connectivity on your modem/ router. In the event that you find any network issue, get it fixed by contacting your service provider.

Fix 5: Make sure to configure your Netgear WiFi range extender properly. Access the mywifiext login web interface and follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix 6: Don’t forget to remove viruses, malware, or spyware from your PC or laptop (if detected).

Fix 7: Assign a static IP to your PC or laptop for the time when your Netgear extender’s firmware is being updated.

Fix 8: Make sure to complete the Netgear extender setup process properly.

Fix 9: Download and install the correct firmware version as per the model number of your Netgear WiFi range extender.

Fix 10: Connect your Netgear extender to your router using a well-maintained Ethernet cable.

Fix 11: Use the correct login details to get into the Netgear extender firmware update page.

Fix: 12: Do not enter the web address, mywifiext in the search bar of the internet browser. In case the web address does not work for you, use the default Netgear extender IP address i.e.

Just in case, you are still getting the Netgear extender firmware update failure error, power cycle your device once. To initiate the power cycle process, follow the instructions outlined underneath:

Step 1: Right off the bat, disconnect your Netgear WiFi range extender from your main router and other WiFi-enabled devices.

Step 2: Once you’re done, unplug your Netgear extender from its wall socket.

Step 3: Wait for 15-20 minutes. Till then, you can have a cup of tea or coffee or you can also opt for chilled beer.

Step 4: Plug your Netgear range extender back in.

Step 5: Wait for the Netgear extender’s power LED to become stable.

Congrats! You have successfully power cycled your Netgear extender.

Step 6: Now, connect your router to your extender and your PC or laptop to the extender’s WiFi.

Step 7: Navigate to the Netgear’s official site and update the extender’s firmware.

If the issue remains the same, get in touch with our highly-experienced technicians via comments.