Refrain from Forwarding Pirated E-newspapers on Telegram Groups

All of us now depend on some messaging apps for communicating with each other. It is said that Facebook messenger and WhatsApp are the most famous apps for messaging. But besides, Telegram is another famous massaging app. This app is increasing its acceptance day by day, by claiming it can assure more security in communicating.  

Here, we can talk, send pictures, videos, and contact numbers, documents like WhatsApp and FB messenger. You can also create or join in many groups for sharing and collecting news and information. Nowadays, Telegram groups and channels are being a more dependable medium to find any specific info or news. Do you want to join the best and famous groups of Telegram? Then, you should check it:

In detail, Telegram is an instant messaging app. People can communicate with each other, can text in any time. Again, you can share photos, videos and any documents. In addition to all of these, Telegram can give more security than any messaging app. Also can join in many informative groups, can make your group too. 

Joining in Telegram groups can be so useful for you. Now you can think about how you can find your desirable Telegram group? Don’t worry. Every group has its own niche so you can find here any specific kind of group. You can get every type of information in detail in the group. You can also share your knowledge with worldwide people.

Mostly, people are using Telegram for getting current news through “E-newspapers” and “E-magazines.” In this pandemic, these activities are increasing, as people are now avoiding social gathering. They don’t want to buy the “daily Newspapers” as before they used to do. Currently, they are reading e-papers than “newspapers.” This decision is may be correct. But there is a question, is this safe or legal? Well, this answer is an absolute “No!”

Though this is a handy app, some dishonest people are misusing it. And we are also taking part in this unintentionally. Do you know how? By forwarding and reading pirated E-newspaper’s PDF or e-magazines copies! Mainly, Newspapers are the actual copyright owner of all e-newspapers. Lawyers of New-Delhi also said that circulating those e-papers are illegal. So, if you share or forward that news, you can be accused of immoral acts.

In India, a man named MavinWanjala had been arrested according to the copyright act. This man was circulating PDF copies of “Daily Nation” and “Business daily.” After investigations, police found that he received money after selling those e-papers. That means he is stealing that money which Newspapers should get actually. And you know, this is not the first case at all. 

Now, it is high time to fix the situation. If you want to use Telegram safely, you should take leave from all the groups which spread pirated news. Also, you must stop forwarding that news. Take some steps to avoid these immoral acts. Let’s take a look:

If someone invites you to join his group, check it out first. At first, you can check, is it safe for you or not? Can it give you any benefit? You can also customize your telegram account by its “settings” option. Don’t buy “E-newspapers” as well to read as your daily readings. Forwarding unauthorized news rumours can get you in trouble as well.

If anyone complains against that pirated news, there is a possibility to be fined. Anyone may even go to the jail for forwarding E-news, just like the incident I mentioned earlier. So, you can also fall into legal complications by spreading them, with which you are not involved in any way. So, stop forwarding and make safe your “telegram” account.