Recovery Expectation after the Treatment from Liposuction Center in Houston

There are many reasons that the traditional method is being phased out in Houston’s liposuction centers. From being safer and effective to have less recovery time, laser liposuction is the one to consider now.

To avoid any anxiety prior to the treatment, we have shortlisted some of the things that you can expect after the procedure in different phases. This way, you will exactly know what you will be dealing with if you go ahead with the treatment.

Recovery Immediately After Treatment

The small incisions are made during the treatment that is sutured closed at the end. But, don’t worry they are not noticeable at all. You can leave for your house right away though it is recommended not to drive yourself right after the procedure.

On the first day, you will see slight bruising, swelling, and soreness. They will be resolved quickly when you get proper rest for at least one day after the lipo laser treatment.

Two or Three Days after Treatment

You can resume your work two to three days after the treatment, but make sure to refrain from high-intensity work, as it can be dangerous for your body and can affect the results. Listen to what your body requires, and give it time to get the appropriate rest. Although, you can continue doing your daily tasks.

A Week after the Surgery

After the week has passed, many patients start to see a huge reduction in discomfort, bruising, and swelling. You can resume your daily activities safely after this phase. Also, this is the time when you start seeing visible results of your treatment. As the swelling subsides, the effects of the treatment will start showing, making you more comfortable and confident.

Two Weeks Post-Treatment

During this time, your result will continue to improve and be more visible. The laser liquefies the fat cells as well as has skin tightening and smoothing features that take time to develop. So, you will have to wait for few months to see the outcome in its full form.

The patients at Anytime Pretty Time have seen quick results within few months with the benefit of weight loss and skin tightening.

Long-Term Results

Good news! The results of the laser lipo are permanent. The services provided at the best liposuction center in Houston, TX, provides you a lasting solution to your weightless problems.

Once the laser liquefies the fat cells, they will not come back. There will be no development of any new fat pockets in the area of treatment again. But, keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you cannot gain weight if the fat pockets are developed in some other areas.

This is why experts will recommend you to focus on your diet and also exercise schedule. These two things are the key to maintain the results for laser liposuction.

As you have seen above, the laser lipo has a more quick and easy recovery than the traditional one. This is why many experts and several Houston liposuction centers recommend this treatment to patients looking for weight loss.

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