Recharge Your Prepaid Mobile Phone Through Airtel Thanks App

Recharge your prepaid mobile phone through Airtel Thanks App

Airtel is one of the biggest telecom providers in India and it is well known for its customer-friendly approach. Airtel Prepaid is one of the most popular products of Airtel, apart from Airtel Postpaid, DTH, and Broadband. The Airtel Prepaid packs these days present a great balance between various components such as data, talk time, SMS, and other value-added services. With regular updates, Airtel Prepaid offers the customers today great flexibility and outstanding value along with a top-notch service experience. One of the big hurdles faced by many prepaid customers anywhere in the world is regarding the periodic mobile recharge that they have to carry out. Without timely recharge, many prepaid services can stop functioning and create a big problem for prepaid customers. The answer to this challenge has come up in form of carrying out online recharges which can be carried out anytime and anywhere. All that the customers need is an active internet connection. Airtel offers three ways of recharging the Airtel Prepaid account online.

  • Airtel Thanks App – Airtel Thanks App is the primary app provided by Airtel that their customers can download and use for managing all aspects of their Airtel account including prepaid recharges.
  • Airtel Website – The Airtel website is a direct way to carry out the Airtel Prepaid recharges easily. All you need is the mobile number and you can go ahead with the recharge.
  • Airtel Payments Bank – Airtel Payments Bank and the associated Airtel Money wallet have come up with the easiest way of carrying out the recharge. This UPI app also has the option for you to make payment directly from your bank account without Internet banking or Debit cards.

The Airtel Thanks App among the above provides additional functions to the prepaid users such as reminders for the packs that are finishing and an up to date dashboard of balance talk time, SMS, data, and validity. Here are the steps to be followed to recharge an Airtel prepaid account through the Airtel Thanks App.

  • Download and install the Airtel Thanks App from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • Log in using your mobile number and then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number that is needed to complete the login
  • Click on the Recharge icon
  • Choose mobile rechargeby clicking on the option
  • You need to feed in the mobile number or name of the contact that you wish to recharge. You can also pick this from the address book of the device here
  • Once you input the name, wait for the operator to be auto-updated, otherwise, you can choose the network provider and the circle
  • Browse the available packs below and choose the one that you wish to have
  • Once your package has been chosen you will be given various options of payment including Airtel Money, UPI, Debit Card, Third-Party Wallets such as Paytm and Amazon Pay, and Netbanking
  • Once the payment has been made, you will be directed to your home screen with a message confirming the recharge

Your new pack will be activated shortly which you can check through the Airtel Thanks App. You can also use this app for recharging numbers of your friends and family, as well as numbers with other network operators. For more details, you can download the Airtel Thanks App and explore it.