Qualitative Estimating Software in 2021 for Construction Estimating Services

Construction Cost Estimating

If you have generally planned a construction, then make your mind clear that it’s not easy. It requires a competitive workforce for its construction along with estimating the material quantities, costs and expenses. Before building, you might need Construction Estimating Services to have accurate estimates according to your construction plans. Several constructions estimating software are present in the market, and many contractors or sub-contractors utilise them to evaluate a building construction plan.

This smart estimating software helps contractors or subcontractors estimate rapidly and the budgets for an updated and relevant contract that depends on the availability of the drawings and client’s demands. Apart from that, there are several miscalculations chances if it is done manually or leads to a significant loss. Here are a few of the most updated and qualitative estimating software of 2021.


PlanSwift is one of productive estimating software that generally helps in estimating of several constructions related projects. It is a digital construction estimating software suitable for different construction projects that include industrial, civil and residential projects. A contractor or estimator can easily extract an estimate by creating a new job and import the project drawings in different formats like PDF/TIF/DWG format. After uploading, scale the picture manually through a pre-defined scale from several options panel. In the end, use the smart function of digitising features by drawing lines, areas, and polygons to calculate the appropriate length, areas and volumes. This intelligent estimating software also assists you to count items like doors, windows and accessories etc.  PlanSwift doesn’t show any chance of missing anything or quantity. It is commonly used for Quantity Takeoff Services.

This particular software can easily be installed on a Windows system and demand a minimum of 4GB. One main drawback of this software is that it isn’t available for MAC Users. It portrays itself as economical and user-friendly quantity takeoff software. This software mainly helps to improve work efficiency to bring more profit to your company.


Having accurate and quick estimates is the main priority during construction. It mainly helps win a project and profit, and any spotted mistake while calculating can lead to the bidding cost. Remember that the crucial requirements of any quantity estimation are now turned with this software’s help. It develops the most effective tools for estimating services to prepare a construction proposal.

It provides you with practical features like design review, and your particular partner can also review the project details anytime and share his ideas along with you. It also offers a smart part of document management that mainly helps you place all the project’s relevant files at one particular place.

This software is quite advance comparatively to PlanSwift and helps directly import PDF from Civil Engineering design software like Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup etc. You can easily mark up the PDF and lines, clouds, callouts, symbols and images through simple clicks and acquire accurate quantity estimates.  This software is generally paid, but anyone can download it free for a specific 30 days on trial bases.


ProEst productive estimating software delivers proactive features to connect your project team at one single place. With this software’s help, you don’t need to deal with your project members individually, and through this way, anyone can easily save your precious time. This useful software can easily access your clients, group members and project team at one particular place. A couple of estimators can benefit and collaborate efficiently and do the best quantity takeoff through Commercial Electrical Estimating for big construction projects utilising this productive software.

So which one are you going to utilise and have accurate estimates for your business?