Popular birthday traditions around the world

Popular birthday traditions around the world

People of every age group look forward to celebrating their born days with love, happiness, blessings and a bit of sparkle. Way before this day arrives, people start with its preparations and listing out what they want and from whom. It is our day when basically we get our ways with everything that we want. There would be absolutely no one young at heart who would have denied celebrating this special day of their lives.

Birthdays hold a special place in everyone’s life as every year one likes to celebrate it along with their dear friends and family sometimes at their own homes under their comfort zone and sometimes at someplace nice. From birthday presents and birthday cake which some love to bake with their love or get it ordered from some reputed bakery which offers its online cake delivery in Pune, Delhi or some XYZ place to the amazing birthday decor to good party music and to dancing our hearts out, what’s there not to love about birthdays? Talking of birthdays there are some popular birthday traditions that are celebrated around the world which are long-standing traditional ways to celebrate this day. Take some ideas and try to pull some of these off at your or someone that you know of’s birthday. Trust us, you are gonna have one hell of a time.


Canadians have a birthday ritual of greasing the birthday boy or girl’s nose with butter to ward off evil or bad luck, that may fall over him/her. It could be quite gross yet a fun ritual at a friend’s birthday to share some light moments filled with love, laughter and more.


In China, it is believed that the birthday boy or girl needs to gorge on a plate full of long noodles to have a long and healthy life. As per the ritual, one needs to slurp off the noodles before biting or chewing them off. 


When a birthday boy completes his 30 years on this planet, he is asked to sweep the steps of their local city hall. Meanwhile, he does so, his friends throw rubles to embarrass him in a fun way. All of this ritual procession stops until the birthday boy crosses his path with a woman on the street. Later to wrap off this ritual birthday boy takes all his friends to the bar for some drinks.


Locals claim that Irish people believe to bump the birthday boy or girl or child onto the floor as he/she is held upside down every year on his/her birthday. It is done the number of times the person has grown up to into and plus one thud is added for good luck. Probably their idea of celebrating a birthday was to have “happy” accompanied with a bit of pain birthday (obviously, in a fun way)


No less than bullying your junior in your college, Jamaicans love to celebrate birthdays by coating the birthday boy or girl into flour. Just because it seems pretty fun and people at the birthday fun can come and have a gala time laughing at the birthday boy/ girl.


Among all the other nationalities, let’s be honest and say Mexican know and love to celebrate their born days in a delightful yet a very decent manner. On birthdays, Mexicans have a pinata filled with candies and other sparkly stuff. Yes, quite like how every child’s birthday is celebrated joyously. One is then blindfolded and given a broomstick and is asked to hit the same at the pinata to kick start the birthday celebration.


Vietnamese people have quite an interesting way of celebrating their birthdays. Did you know that Vietnamese celebrate their birthday on new year’s day which they refer to as “TET”? Their actual date of birth is not acknowledged and rather people every year together become a year older. Isn’t that something really intriguing? We bet, it is!

So, these were some of the popular birthday traditions around the world that people celebrate as they turn a year older. But a year wiser or not, not sure!