PMP Exam Strategies, My Big Secrets

PMP Exam Strategies


I am a programmer, engaged in Software Development and Management. After learning PMP, I gradually realized that the key point of PMP is Project Management, but the work of the project execution process is not very detailed, and this part can be filled by Agile Management. Therefore, I plan to pass ACP Examination in the future to study Agile Management systematically.

Some Experience of PMP Preparation:

From training, preparing for exams, taking exams, to finally getting PMP certification, it has been several months.But it was a very good experience, which is still vivid. I remember that after taking the PMP test in December 2018, I was worried and looking forward to getting the results as soon as possible. Until January 10, I received the PMI notification email, and finally got 5A results as I wish, which brought a complete end to my 2018. I would like to thank SPOTO, instructors and assistant teachers. I also want to thank my family for supporting me. After all the excitement, I wan to share my PMP learning preparation experience to you, and hope it could help you!

1. Review of Preparation forExam

The PMP examination process can be divided into four stages: Training Institution Registration, PMI Test Application, PMP Training and Learning, and PMP Examination. The recommended time from enrollment to final examination is 3 months. Among them, the application form should be filled in for the application of training institutions and PMI Examination. The teacher of training institution should guide how to fill in the application. Candidates need not worry. After PMI Application is passed, it will enter the Training and Learning Stage. Before the examination, the students should make an appointment on the State Foreign Special Administration Website. After the test, the results will be published in one month and the certificate will be issued after about 8 months. Here, I would focuson the review ofSPOTO PMP Training and Learning Process.

The PMP Certification Training content of SPOTO mainly consists of face-to-face teaching, video recording, live online, problem solving, daily practice, careful review before the examination and doing online exercise.

Video recording and broadcasting is selected by the teacher, who recorded the video in advance, and explained in detail in combination with the contents of the sixth edition of PMPBOOK.

As for live online and problem solving, the head of Education Affairs of SPOTO, arranged the courses from 20:00 to 22:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. About two months before the examination, the school opened a Daily Practice Course. According to the chapter sequence, the studentsshould complete 8 questions everyday.The latest test questions were published at 7:00 o’clock every morning.It took students 5-10 minutes to complete the test questions. On the one hand, the knowledge learned would be consolidated and summarized. On the other hand, the school would reward the top three students with the final results of daily exercise with a reward of USD 30, The students were scrambling for each other, and after many difficulties, I still kept the third place.

Before the PMP Certification Test, SPOTO provided more than 3,000 online questions, which is enough for examinee to review and use. Practice has proved that there are some problems would appear in the exam every time.

Finally, when I was taking PMP paper test, thetime was relatively compact, and there was no time for inspection. Therefore, it is suggested that examinee should practice to raise reading speed and ensure the correct rate of doing the questions.

2. Conclusion of Preparation for Exam

PMP provides a set of methodology for Project Management, including five Process Groups and 49 Management Processes. During the whole PMP Examprep period, the best way is to plan ahead of action,communicate everything and make all changes in order. Of course, the essence of PMP is not limited to this. Because of the word limit and they are summarized in the several aspects mentioned above.

Planning is one of myunderstanding of the basic philosophy concepts of PMP. In fact, no matter what I learn, it is the same principle. Before deciding to do anything, we must have a plan, not only an implementation plan, but also a management plan. Only by guiding the implementation process through the management plan can we achieveour goals.

Integration is better than local integration, which means that PMP advocates to consider a project not only in terms of scope, progress, cost and quality, but also in combination with the interests of relevant parties, risk assessment, resource and technology constraints, as well as external business environment factors, organizational process assets, etc., and needs comprehensive consideration, rather than the consideration of a single aspect.

Communication of everything means that a qualified Project Manager should haveabout 90% of his time to communicate. Only when he communicates with the relevant parties, with the sponsor, with the customer and team members, can he understand and coordinate with each other effectively. Otherwise, he will encounter the frustration everywhere. You never know how much work rework would be repeated because the project manager fails to communicate properly. Such an example can be seenon various occasions in the actual work.

Make all changes in order. All confirmed Benchmark and Management Plans, Purchase Agreements and each change need a complete change process to prevent the spread of scope, prevent gilding and disorderly carry out of project work. At the same time, it is also to protect the work results of the project team. I hope that the ideal Project Management Environment advocated by PMP can be implemented as soon as possible in the actual working environment, which is also the pain point of each project managerin the actual work.

Actually, I haven’t spent so long preparing for the exam, and finally I have a reward. Soeveryone should believe in themselves that they can succeed.

3. Finding a Good Teacher Is Important

We have been through numerous examinations since we attended school. Why do some people do well? But some are on the contrary.Are wereally stupid than others? I don’t believe that because choosing a good teacher is very important. A good teacher can make you do twice as much as you can, while a general teacher makes you yield twice the result with half the effort, and a bad teacher may make you go the wrong way.

Finally, I will share some learning materials and notes of PMP for you.

By the way,this PMBOK Teaching Material is the essence collated by the teachers, which is very useful for the later review. It is really very intimate.

Finally, I hope all students who are preparing for or want to sign up for PMP pass the exam in one time! Come on!