Personal Trainer Guide: Top 10 Principles of Muscle Building

Personal Trainer Guide

Muscle growth takes place when your body increases the rate of protein synthesis rather than breaking it down. Ex: Anabolic vs. Catabolic. After working out, when the body is at rest, your muscles start their process of protein synthesis — which aids in growth. When your muscles are put under high stress and load from weight training, the recovery process allows them to increase their protein synthesis and grow larger and increase their maximal strength. The correct amount of exercise and food always contribute to the natural process of building muscle in your body. This routine is usually framed by personal trainers who have knowledge about it, have done it themselves, and are successful with designing programs and diets that coincide with optimal muscle growth.. San Diego Personal Trainer guides their clients through a specific periodized program based on science and expertise. This routine has proven to be successful to build muscle.

10 Principles to Build Muscles

There are some general steps which help in muscle building. People who are new in the field can educate themselves about the process of muscle building and how to structure a workout with the help of a trained professional. Here are 10 principles of muscle building that should be followed by every fitness enthusiast to build their muscle:

Complex Workouts

Exercises that require the functioning of more than one group of muscles at a time are called complex workouts or compound exercises. These workouts are highly effective for muscle building and enhancing the process of gaining lean, hard muscle. They also utilize the functioning of more than one joint, which keeps the body active, burns calories, and increases strength.

Early Morning Workout

Working out in the morning without any food intake can be called “fasted cardio” or “fasted weight training” and can contribute to more of a fat burn during exercise. It is suggested by Personal Trainer San Diego to plan an early morning workout so that the muscle-building process has a more optimal effect. Framing a proper routine is very important as the training sessions need to be accommodated in the busy schedules of trainers and clients. Evening sessions are a second choice and trainers are available at that time frame as well. Regardless, any exercise is better than no exercise at all and muscle gaining take patience, hard work, and professional guidance. 

Drink Water

Water is one of the basic, but most important requirements for all human beings. Drinking water and other fluids will help your workout; thus contributing to the process of muscle building. It is advisable to drink water throughout the day and prior to exercise as proper water intake can mitigate workout induced dehydration. A dehydrated body is often tired and exhausted and thus, slows down the process of building muscle. Therefore, drinking water is crucial if a person desires to build muscle.


Squats help the body to build muscle. However, doing squats incorrectly can have negative consequences. This is why a personal trainer is always helpful to guide you the right way. Personal Trainers in San Diego teach the proper technique of squatting so that people do not end up getting injured. The correct method of squatting with proper form and technique always helps the process of muscle building, because once you have proper form and technique, you can add weight safely and therefore create more hypertrophy, tear down your muscle further, and ultimately recover to bigger gains and greater strength!

Eat More Protein

Increasing the level of protein intake is recommended by every fitness professional. Weight training and exercising requires your body to go through rigorous training, which is aided when the body is enriched with protein. Proper protein intake protects the muscles from wear and tear and helps your muscles rebuild optimally. Therefore, having sufficient protein in your diet is a must, and trainers are experts at assessing and determining what a client needs nutrition-wise to build lean, hard muscle.

Nourish Your Body After Training

After a rigorous workout, follow a diet that is rich in carbs and protein. Carbs help in the production of insulin which is beneficial for muscle building. Protein also helps the process of gaining muscle, therefore a combination of both is crucial. This diet can be framed by personal trainers as they have knowledge of the amount that needs to be consumed. Certified Personal Trainers In San Diego help their clients follow a diet that is tailor made for them and helps increase lean muscle.

Focus On Cardio

When the workout plans have cardio in them, the muscle-building process is benefitted. Proper cardio plans help every person achieve the muscle they want. This can be included in the routine by the personal trainers wherever they seem fit. With proper cardio, clients can work towards building their desired muscle size because cardio can increase muscle endurance and allow for longer workouts and higher loads. 

Muscle Building Is Not A Quick Process

People who dream of gaining muscles quickly indulge in a heavy workout and rigorous training. However, they end up tired and fatigued, too sore for multiple workouts thereafter. The key to building muscle is to enjoy the process and let it happen gradually. If a person follows the correct plan, they will be able to build muscle. All a person needs to do is be consistent with their workouts since the muscle-building process takes place over time.

Get Proper Rest

The average sleeping hours for any adult is 7-8 hours. Sleeping helps the body to function and build muscle. It is very important for all people to get the required rest they need so that the body can rejuvenate and build muscle. Failing to get enough sleep consistently tires the body and slows the process of muscle building. Therefore sleeping and getting a proper amount of rest is a very important part of the muscle-building process.

Follow A Routine

To build muscle at a gradual rate, following a proper routine and eating the correct food is very beneficial. There are personal trainers present to assist people so that they can form a proper routine for themselves. This routine needs to be accommodated in the daily lives of people and they need to follow it regularly. Any form of carelessness will affect the process of muscle building and the hard work and dedication it requires to build muscle will be thwarted.

These are the top 10 principles that people should follow to attain the muscle they desire. San Diego Personal Training offers certified trainers who help their clients every step of the way to make the process of muscle building optimal. A personal trainer is always helpful as they can help clients reach their full potential. Muscle building is not a very tough process if people follow a well-designed professional program. With the help of a certified trainer, your workouts can be designed for the maximum effect each time, results will be attained, and the entire process will be fun and enjoyable!