Perfect Birthday Cakes For Your Dear Ones

Birthday is an occasion which should be celebrated with all heart. And all the efforts should be made to delight the birthday person deep down to the soul. Here are some perfect birthday cake ideas according to relation. And as the COVID-19 is still out there, it is better to order cake online in Chennai or wherever you live.

For Grandfather

Not all get to cherish the love of grandfather and if you are the lucky one, then make sure you appreciate your luck. You must surprise your grandfather on his birthday with a special cake. Make sure that you get a cake baked with low sugar and use easily digestible ingredients. Cake flavors like chocolate or black forest can be heavy for an aged person and so must avoid them. A simple vanilla cake topped with the text ‘Love You, GrandPa’ is a perfect idea.

For Grandmother

A grandmother loves her grandchildren more than she loves her children. And spending childhood under the blessing of a grandmother is a divine thing to experience. While celebrating her birthday and surprising her with a cake, you should keep in mind that she is aging, and her health should be kept in focus. So, we recommend that a simple sugar-free cake stuffed with a puree of real fruits and topped with fresh and sliced fruits will be best for her birthday celebration.

For Father 

Your father never failed to arrange for a lovely birthday cake for you. Now, you should surprise him with your efforts on his special day. A Cake topped with fondant moustache and text such as ‘LOVE YOU DADDY’ and ‘Happy Birthday Papa’ is a great idea. If you don’t want to go with the moustache option, then get the cake designed in such a manner that defines your father’s profession. Do not get upset if you don’t get the expressions you are supposed to receive, as fathers usually don’t express their feelings openly.

For Mother

She has been feeding you delicious meals without a stop since the day you came into this world, and she has also done all the tiresome tasks on your birthdays to make it a perfect celebration. On her birthday, you can make her smile wide with a special birthday cake. A strawberry or vanilla flavoured cake is surely the best pick. You can decorate the cake using Cadbury Gems. Place the Gems to form ‘MOM’ on top of the cake. If not Gems, then you can choose things like cherries, chocolate sticks, and her favourite candy.

For Brother

There is no doubt that you are all about him because siblings are each other’s supporters and know the inner secrets. . Your brother has saved you a lot of time from getting scolded by your parents and fighting the goons. You know your brother’s hobbies, so think about what he loves the most and get the cake designed accordingly. If he is a gym lover, then you can have miniatures of dumbbells and other gym equipment. If he loves any sport or game, then you can get the cake decorated accordingly. Or you can pick a funny cake for your brother.

For Sister

Sisters love surprises and desserts too! We are sure that you have made her smile many times till today with surprises of occasions like Raksha Bandhan and New Year. For making her happy with a cake at her birthday party, you can pick the new trendy cake. We are talking about the Pinata Cake. It has a hardcover created accordingly so that it can look like a cake, but the real surprise strikes in after breaking the layer. You can keep chocolates or pastries or a real cake beneath the hard layer. We are sure she will smile like a blooming sunflower.

If you are spending your money on a cake and it is meant to surprise your beloved one, then there is no point in picking a simple cake. It has to be creative and defining in a way that can let the recipient relate with his/her sweet birthday gift. Look for the best bakery near you or online, and do make sure to get reviews and recommendations from your knowns.