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What is a paraphrase?

paraphrase is in other words an overview. It is an recall of thoughts from another work, but not exactly the words that were used there.

We paraphrase another author’s text in order to draw appropriate conclusions or reflections from it. We always quote when we don’t use our own words. When citing a phrase, definition or division in a special way, remember to quote it so as not to be accused of plagiarism. In fact, every formulation that is not ours should be marked as a quote. Here you can use artificial intelligence, i.e. a paraphrase tool like

Paraphrasing the text, we discuss it. Then we do not use exactly the same words that are used in another work. Paraphrase is very useful and is often used in science in humanistic texts. It is often of greater value than a quotation, as it can show the author’s personal reference to the issues raised in the text being discussed.

When to Avoid Paraphrasing

It is much better to cite passages that are canonical and ironical for a given discipline. We are not likely to paraphrase definitions, calculations, research summaries and fragments of texts that should be untouched and unedited. It is a matter of intuition, but it is not entirely arbitrary and depends on an arbitrary choice.

However, one should try to paraphrase and discuss whenever possible. When using quotes and a pair of phrases, it is necessary to follow the iron rule regarding disclosing the sources we use. It is here that the scientific essence of the guest is that each scientific work is equipped with a critical apparatus that will enable the reader to enter into a dialogue with the author. If it is obvious for you to quote a pair of phrases and refer to various sources, it is worth paying attention to one more detail. When he mentions the authors he refers to in the text.

What is a synonym?

Synonym – a word or longer term equivalent in meaning to another (synonym) or similar enough to replace the latter in the appropriate context (synonym).

There are usually noticeable differences between two synonyms, e.g. in the frequency of their use (in a specific context or in different social groups). Historically, synonyms may have referred to other designates at one time, but are now assigned a similar meaning. There is also an opposite tendency to differentiate the meaning of synonyms – synonymous words can distinguish their semantic features along with the evolution of the language.