Orthodontic treatment for dental implants

dental implants

When you know how to choose what comes first, there are several factors that will help your orthodontist determine if dental implants Etobicoke or braces constitute the best first step for you here in the Toronto neighbourhood. Let us, therefore, understand how orthodontic treatment works in the context of dental implants in Ontario, Canada.

The orthodontic treatment represents the method of moving or straightening teeth for improving the appearance of your teeth and the way they work. Further, it can also be helpful in ensuring the long-term health of your jaw joints, gums and teeth by distributing the biting pressure across your teeth. Crowded or crooked teeth are dental affliction that many people suffer from.  Orthodontic treatment helps in moving or straightening the teeth to a better position. It further improves the appearance of the teeth and how they bite together and makes it easier to clean. Some people have their upper front teeth sticking out presenting an unsightly look. These ‘prominent’ teeth may suffer more damage and orthodontic treatment can help in moving them back into a natural line.  In other instances, the way lower and upper jaws meet may cause an unsightly look leading to an incorrect bite. These problems can also be corrected through orthodontic treatment.

Dental implants

Dental implants become essential when a lost or missing tooth needs permanent replacement. The process involves implanting a titanium post into your jaw bone to be a mounting point for a tooth-coloured crown to replace your original tooth. Dental implants have a success rate close to 100% and typically last over 2 decades and even a lifetime with good oral care. Dental implants will further help in preventing deterioration or shrinking of the jaw bone caused by the missing teeth. During other orthodontic treatments, the implant cannot be moved since it is fixed to the jaw bone. But, braces or EZ Smile clear aligners can still be fitted for aligning the rest of the teeth surrounding the implant.

Planning your perfect smile

In situations where you are looking for dental implants and orthodontic care, the first step is getting your braces. This way, the braces will create a space that is perfectly aligned for the dental implant. There are many benefits from getting the braces ahead of the dental implants Etobicoke  including:-

  • Moving the existing teeth with greater ease and without any obstacles working around
  • Braces will also create the ideal space for placing the dental implant correctly the first time itself
  • You can expect best results from a combined treatment
  • The transition from your implant surgeon to the orthodontist will be smoother for additional treatment or retainer fitting for maintaining ideal alignment.

Dental implants as anchorage

At times, your missing teeth can exactly be the one that your orthodontist will need to be an anchor point for the purpose of straightening your teeth. The attached crown or the titanium post may have to be placed first to provide stability and structure essential for rapid movement of tooth. This method of gaining an anchorage from implants calls for precise co-operation and planning between an experienced orthodontist and an implant surgeon. Anchor points for orthodontic treatment can also be achieved by placing tiny titanium posts. Such devices are known as TADs or temporary anchorage devices and are capable of providing faster movement of the tooth with lesser discomfort, particularly when a greater degree of correction is needed.

In other instances, you may determine that your braces will not impact the dental implants in Etobicoke and therefore choose to have the braces fitted after the dental implant. Great communication with your dental surgeon and orthodontist is the key to achieving your amazing smile.