Online video lesson enhancement and homework

Online video lesson
Online video lesson

Teaching K-12 is not an easy endeavor, and it has been made more and more difficult due to significant budget cuts in school districts across the country. Many teachers do not know that they will have a job next year, that their classrooms will be consolidated, or that they will move to another school. This makes things very difficult for teachers, as it creates a situation where children are all learning in different places or at different levels of the textbook.

A few days ago, we were discussing this in our think tank. It seems that one solution might be for kids to go online, or study and learn outside the classroom using their tablet computer. This will not be a teacher’s replacement, but an increase, and an additional homework assignment, which can be fun for kids because they can access online videos, which they already like to do.

In fact, there was a great article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently entitled “The Math of Can-Can One X – Hedge Fund Guy + 2300 YouTube Video = American School Revolution?”

 If you don’t know who Salman Khan is at Khan Academy in Mountain View CA, you might want to know; People like Sir Bill Gates! So, go ahead and look at this article online and I have some comments that I would like to make here today.

Teaching math isn’t easy, and since kids learn a little differently from everyone else, a teacher who struggles with different students in the class who can’t grasp math isn’t probably the kind of teacher that teaches. The secondary instructor or in this case, a YouTube video to watch may be the answer, and allocating these math videos to students may help them go through their difficult fields.

Some students are afraid to ask questions in the classroom, and they back off when they don’t understand something. This is a real problem, it is even worse when a student is transferred from another school, or children of different levels are combined in a math class in junior high or high school, so in fact, it can be a very good answer.

It is my hope that you will please consider all this and think about it. If you have any comments, concerns, and/or questions, please send me an e-mail. I would like to hear any case study, success story, or challenge I claim in this article.

Online video guitar lessons

Simply learning to play the guitar using printed materials, or a textbook is a very difficult endeavor for beginners. Unfortunately, a printed textbook is not able to provide feedback, or demonstrate guitar techniques very well, and will only give guitarists the information at the beginning that is permanently printed on its page.

The only alternative to using a textbook for learning guitar at home is to use online video guitar lessons to fill a gap that a textbook curriculum may have left open. There are many websites that offer free Online Video Lessons and most videos have a professional guitarist who gains training experience while learning the guitar for new players.

How to hold a guitar correctly, how to string and tune a guitar, even the correct method of streaming can be easily taught using online video guitar lessons. Unlike watching a static picture or two in a textbook, a student can improve the guitarist’s technique faster and more efficiently by actually seeing the motion or technique being performed by a professional through a streaming video lesson.

If you think online video guitar lessons seem like the right option for you, make sure you find a source that suits your particular type of education. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to avoid videos that use advanced terms, and if you want to shoot for a series of video lessons, starting with the basics, then work on advanced techniques. Instead of a thirty-minute video that claims to be able to help you play the guitar, be sure to watch videos with real professionals who teach real skills!