One Stage Cycloidal Gear Speed Reducer BSR (Bon Speed Reducer) For You


Introduction: Are you looking for a high-quality engineering product? But everything seems to have failed you? Sometimes engineering materials can be hard to find and most importantly, they can cost a fortune. But still, there is a high risk that even after paying so much money and spending so much time looking for the perfect engineering material, you might end up getting not a good result. Therefore you must choose us. Because BSR is a lightweight, high-torque cycloid speed reducer developed with very unique gear design technology. If you want to know more about BSR products then read this article till the end.

BSR Products: One stage gearbox is needed in any engineering work or task.BSR product is high precision but compact. It is a lightweight, high-torque cycloid speed reducer developed with a unique gear design & modern technology. This product has a simplified structure and enables the final machinery devices to be miniaturized to maintain their high quality.

Our main mission is to be the leader of the future manufacturing field in the whole world. We also contribute to the localization of the precision speed reducer market and revitalization of the domestic robotics business all around the globe.

Why you must choose us? There are many things, that make us special.

 Some of our highlights are:

  • Superior durability and accuracy of the product: BSR system inc.’s a unique speed reducer gear design boats superior durability and accuracy.
  • High Torque of the product: It is small volume yet it has high torque delivery is possibly more than 100:1 reduction rate in the 1st gear.
  • Small and light-weighted: We used compact and complicated cycloid speed reducer design technology to increase production efficiency.  It also allows for smaller and lightweight iterations.
  • High productivity: Our extraordinary cycloid gear makes assembly easier which maximizes productivity and enables mass production.

The CEO of BSR is Kim Chang Hyun. He was the one who created this BSR to do make a difference. He is motivated to be a leader in the future manufacturing field. He also aims to the localize precision spread reducer market and revitalize domestic robotic business all over the world. Our company is BonSystems Inc. Our address is 5-15, Gamgye-ro 156-Gil, Buk-myeon, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea BonSystems Inc (51112). You can get in contact with us by visiting our website or Email us at You can also hit us up on the mobile line.

Last words: If you want to get something high-quality one-stage gearbox product then you must visit our website today. BSR can be a good choice you can make for your engineering products. So order one today from BSR.