No matter what the occasion, nothing is better than wine boxes.

Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made out by the fermentation of grapes mostly. Wine is preferred with food in many places all around the world. At this day it is common to consume wine but at the origin, it was only consumed by people who were wealthy. Drinking wine with food was a representation of wealth itself.

To this date too, wine is expensive than the rest of the alcoholic drinks and the reason behind it being expensive is because of the purity of it.

The bottles of wine are exquisite and display a sense of being elite and outclass. The biggest after use of wine bottles is decoration. The empty bottles can be put on shelves which increase the outlook of the room or the lounge they are displayed in.

Wine is known to be a perfect gift for countless occasions and that is the reason why the boxing of these bottles is necessary. The packaging enhances the outlook of the bottle and there are several types of wine boxes which serve their own separate purpose for different kind of occasions.

This section is about how these casings are better than any other for any kind of occasion.

1.    A birthday present

Wine is an alcoholic drink so it is obvious that the use of wine as a gift is always done by the grownups. Adding the point that it portrays a sense of formal and understanding relationship with the person who is getting it as a gift.

The wine gift boxes packaging come in handy while thinking about gifting to your best friend. There are several different types of packaging which serve as a gift and some of them are as follows:

The luxury cases

These cases portray an image of elegance and adds beauty to the present. There is no need to wrap the box, it looks far better without a cheap wrapping paper. Most of the luxury cases are made out of hard cardboard but are covered with leather, silk or other expensive material to give the best outlook. These casings have a lid on them which can be removed and placed on very easily.

Magnetic boxes

The boxes which come with the option of magnetic covers, these covers require almost no for to open yet they never open up by themselves which keep the bottle safe inside. The lid is attached to the box and cannot be removed completely.

The windowed boxes

These allow the viewer to see through the end product i.e. wine from the windows that are provided on the casing. These windows are either made out of unbreakable glass or by transparent plastics. It serves as an amazing gift because it looks sophisticated and graceful. While celebrating birthday of a colleague, this boxing can serve you with the best reviews.

2.    Dinner party

Dinner parties mostly include many people. If it is a get together dinner party, you would want to show off and the best way of doing so is by getting a wine bottle that everyone talks about after you leave. It is not just the bottle that the people will talk about, but also the packaging of it. You will need to select the best kind of packaging for your wine when going at someone’s home at a dinner. Moreover, if it is worth it, you should not only take one bottle but multiple.

Wine bottle carriers

These carriers not only give one of the best outlooks to the wine that is held inside, they also are safe and easy to handle and easy to carry around. Holding them while entering the party will make you look cool and the people will definitely remember you after the party. If you want to be that person, the wine bottle carriers are the best option. You can make these cardboard wine boxes more innovative by putting two bottles in the three bottle carrier, with a box of chocolates in the middle one.

3.    A dinner date

Wine is used while going on a dinner date with someone you love. The fancier the bottle and the packaging, the more love that you would be expressing towards the significant other. There is a very innovative way of using wine bottles as a gift while meeting your favorite person.

Bottle hanger gift box

The best to gift someone is by using a wine bottle which has another gift pack hanged around it. You can add anything in that small box like chocolates, sweets or even a small ring to propose. It would call for a perfect end to the date, proposing your significant other by this manner.

4.    Holiday present

Think about going for a holiday with your family to your in-laws and if either of them is a wine lover, you will now know how to impress them. If you are not on a budget and want to spend a lot, buying the most expensive wine will do you great. Moreover, packing it in an elegant boxing should also be considered to make the holiday more interesting.

Custom printed round boxes

These type of packaging are known to be the most exquisite ones, they are safe and the outlook they give is amazing. There is also an option of glass windows around these boxes but the custom printed ones are much better. You can customize them into a color of your liking, the graphical content and the writings on these wine boxes for gifts can also be customized giving you a lot of options to impress the person receiving the gift.