Necessary coffee supplies to have in your new cafe

People at the coffee shop

Has the idea of a coffee shop come across your mind of late? If yes, we bring you a list of necessary coffee equipment and supplies that should make it to your shopping list. When you have curated all these items for your coffee shop, it gives your café the ambiance that people will find hard to resist.

Must-have Coffee Supplies for Your Cafe

So, when you have found the perfect place, people and passion, complement these with the following list of wholesale coffee supplies and offer your customers the ideal place to hang out with friends.

  1. Display case: It is one of the most visible elements of a coffee shop and serves the purpose of enticing the customers. The look of finely and freshly baked patties, pastries, doughnuts, and a lot more allow you to offer more from a visit to your customers. Along with the display case, you will need a counter table attached to it to make the exchange of food, coffee, and currency easier. Choose the shape and size of the display case according to the type and variety of foods you intend to offer to your customers.
  2. 3-compartment sink: Though not visible to the customers, this sink will be your trusted go-to to manage things behind the scene. You can use compartments for washing fruits to be added to smoothies; the other purpose is primarily devoted to maintaining hygiene. The sink is useful for washing mugs and plates, and one of its compartments can help collect and throw away the leftovers from coffee mugs and snacks plates.
  3. Some handy equipment: Not all equipment or machines are of fixed nature in a coffee shop. There are specific handy tools that can be of great help in creating an excellent coffee treat experience for the customers. These tools are:
  • Espresso Tampers: It is a handheld, metallic tamping tool that enables perfect compressing of Espresso beans, eventually preparing it better for the brewing process. These tampers are needed to compress the beans into portafilter baskets that coffee machines come with; therefore, it is advisable to choose them according to the baskets’ size.
  • Creamers and syrup pumps: These handy items allow you to serve your customers the coffee the way they like it. Creamers can add the required creamy texture the customers love in their caffeine-filled shot and enhance the experience further. Syrup pumps allow you to have more flavors into the coffee cup. The pump dispenses a chosen amount of syrup each time, allowing you to prepare the beverage in a correct and consistent character.
  • Measuring cups and spoons: Coffee tastes it best when its every ingredient is measured correctly and added. Certain makers offer these measuring accessories in a pre-defined manner. By using such measuring spoons, the makers can rest assured of the best taste in the type of coffee they intend to serve to the customers.
  • Knock Box: The knock boxes’ design is such that it enables easy separation of the espresso grounds from the portafilter at the end of each day. Wet and heavy espresso grounds are knocked out of this box for reuse, and spent coffee can be collected effortlessly.
  1. Decanters and airpots: These are ideal for the self-serve stations of the coffee shop. The glass decanter keeps brewing the ground coffee beans slowly. The makeup of these decanters and airpots allows maintaining the coffee’s temperature high enough to let the customers enjoy a fantastic sip of unmatched caffeinated satisfaction.
  1. Coffee brewers: You can select from models like Stok coffeebrewers that require cold brewing to deliver the best taste. You can also stock readymade stok cold brew coffee. The market is inundated with several coffee brewers that are designed in different styles. Pick the one, or you may have a couple of these depending upon the coffee shop size you plan to run. The most popular styles are automatic brewers, coffee urns, and pour over coffee machines.
  1. Coffee grinder: Install and Espresso coffee or regular coffee grinder. It is no less than the backbone of your coffee shop. Choose Espresso coffee grinder in such a way that it allows you to carry grinding activity throughout the day. Fresh ground coffee is the key to making a cup that packs the most exquisite texture, aroma, and taste. Apart from this requirement of serving the freshly ground coffee throughout the day, you need to cater to the needs of regular, black coffee consumers too. Thus, prepare yourself to serve coffee of various kinds to different types of consumers by picking the best grinder style.
  1. Frappe and iced coffee maker: Not all visitors to your coffee shop will be the fans of hot beverages. There may be some customers looking for a way to beat the heat the caffeinated way. So, keep a frappe or an iced coffee maker in the shop to expand the possibilities of serving the customers having varied preferences.
  1. A microwave oven and a sandwich prep rack: How about making arrangements for that small hunger pangs customers might be carrying along? Offer them a palatable way to enjoy coffee and have more earning opportunities for yourself in return. You can have a sandwich prep table where you can keep the ingredients a hand away and in an assorted manner to serve the snack to the customers with coffee in real quick time.
  1. Hot water dispenser: This is one of the most crucial things to have in a coffee shop. As a start-up, your coffee should taste the best to grab the attention of the coffee lovers of the city. It becomes possible to achieve when you have a hot water dispenser handy to serve the quickest and the tastiest coffee to your customers. Don’t forget to buy it when you are all charged up to start a coffee shop.


The list is unending, but these are the most crucial ones that one cannot dispense while preparing the budget for the café. Shop for these and ensure that you buy them from the best brands having customer-friendly policies like a good warranty scheme, etc.