Myths about Covid tests

In this age of social media, it is very easy to start a rumour. Conspiracy theorists have existed in every era, but now they have more tools to spread disinformation. When these conspiracies are related to health then the problem arises. Especially, in today’s time when the world is facing the threat of coronavirus. If these myths are left unaddressed then it might worsen the already bad handling of the pandemic. 

However, the question remains, what are the myths about the Covid test?

Here are some of them:

Antigen tests are always inaccurate 

The antigen test is the quickest. However, some people have raised questions about its accuracy. There are some cases when an antigen kit was not able to identify coronavirus, but those are very few. 

Overall, the antigen test has been proven reliable and is used in many countries to date.  Antigen test kit manufacturers are in demand, nowadays, which is proof of reliability. Even if the test comes out negative, other factors are also considered, before declaring a patient covid free. 

For example, if someone is showing symptoms of covid despite testing negative, their samples are sent to the lab for a thorough inspection. This situation occurs when a person gets exposed to coronavirus only 5 days before the test. In those five days, the protein in the virus does not develop enough to get noticed on the test.

Covid test costs a lot of money

The cost of the test depends on the type of test which you are taking. If the test is PCR then it is gonna cost more. However, the antigen test cost less comparatively. This difference can be due to antigen diagnostic kit manufacturers who produce them in large quantities. 

Most insurance companies cover the expenses of the coronavirus test. If your insurance service does not cover it or you do not have one, there are other means also. 

First of all, there are government-sponsored camps that provide this service free of charge. Other than that, you can also get it done from some NGO or at your workplace. You can also get it privately which is gonna cost you from 120 to 180 dollars. 

Covid test is not suitable for children 

This is not true. No evidence suggests that the covid test has been proven harmful to children. Many people come to this conclusion because they see the nasal swab going really up the nose. However, in children, the swap does not necessarily have to go deep. Due to their small nose, the sample is easily extracted. 

Antigen kits show even things other than blood positive 

This is one of the biggest conspiracy theories that the government is labelling everyone positive. One antigen test kit manufacturer clarified that this might have happened because the kits are specially designed for blood. The protein in other things which you insert other than the blood can trigger the kit to show a positive result. 


In this crucial period, we should not adhere our ears to these types of disinformation. In addition, if this type of information reaches you then double-check it from an authorized source before passing it on. It is the responsibility of all of us, not just of the government.