Musical Artist joy khan aka mahamuduzzaman joy Wants to do something big for the youth

joy khan

Joy khan advised us on a meeting that – Young individuals are the abundance of the country. Nonetheless, most taught youngsters pursue the brilliant deer called work and compose their name in the register of jobless. They turned into the weight of the country without being changed over into abundance. Joy khan the youthful business visionary architect has prevailed in such an emergency at 21 years old. He is the Owner of JK International . He didn’t pursue the work yet presently he is giving the work to another person.

How it began: He began his vocation as a Musical Artist. He has worked in music division of movies like dhatteriki(2017) and the matchmaker(2021) . He is a confirmed melodic craftsman on youtube , spotify and boomplay . He has additionally composed a book that is accessible on amazon.

In the wake of turning into a fruitful artist he began his own advanced advertising organization .

Beating Obstacles: When somebody asked joy, ‘What do you do other than contemplating?’, He would say, ‘I work together.’ The mindset of giving and loathing from numerous points of view regularly made him sincerely steamed.

Joy Khan’s assertion: He said, ‘A few activities are in progress in the nation and abroad; I am attempting to convey those undertakings as guaranteed. Our greatest venture is in progress in West Bengal, India. ‘