Most Popular Fashion Trends: Piercings and Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs
Ear Cuffs

The first lockdown a year ago has taught us many things along its way. Social distancing and self-isolation became frequent, and face-to-face communication came to a halt. People started using virtual spaces to keep in touch with their loved ones. Zoom and Google meetings gave extra time to mesmerise on their reflections. There begins the ear game! 

Virtual communications give more importance to accessories that fit in the square windows of mobile phones. Noserings and a pretty hair clip is a cute way to express your individuality. Piercings and ear cuffs are the most stylish in town, which gives extra attention to your video calls. 

2021 will wave goodbyes to containment zones and lockdown. But, it will be the year of pretty cool fashion. Take a look at the most popular fashion trends on earrings post-lockdown:

Even though the ear is a small organ with less surface area, there are numerous impressive must-try piercing options. The most common piercing style is at lobes, on the outer shell and in the inner ear. However, a rook is one of the most surprising picks from this bunch. It is the simple tiny ring or curved bar pierced above the tragus. It gives a subtle look to the face. 

Conch is the most popular piercing. In the well-curated ear, conch piercing is an eye-catching standing. There are two variations in a conch, i.e., inner conch and orbital conch. The former crease it into the shell cartilage, and they pierce the latter to the edge. Inner conch is studded, and the orbital conch is a ring that ‘orbits’ the ear. Unlike the rooks, the conch steals the show as it sits at the centre of the ear. Unfortunately, conch piercings are not cakewalk’s. As they finish it in the cartilage, it takes more time for healing (around three to nine months).

Helix is one of the gorgeous piercing options. One does it on the upper ear. Since it is done on the cartilage, it gives a subtle balancing look to the ear. Like conch, it takes six to twelve months to heal. 

Even though piercing is the new fashion statement, it requires a lot of commitment. Cartilage piercings take more time to heal. Since the world is going through Covid precautions even now, the piercing process might take a while to get back to ‘normal’. A reputed piercer could do an easy job here. Reputed piercers would not use a gun as it is unhygienic and unfashionable. A needle would not damage the cartilage, and a good piercer will go for it for sure. 

Once the piercing finishes, one should take care of it like any other open wound. This harmless procedure might cause infection if the person is careless and healing requires time, and over cleaning and touching will create severe pain. Ear cuffs can avoid these troubles as one could use them with or without a piercing.

Ear cuffs are a beautiful way to bring out originality in fashion. These perfect pairs of accessories would spice up individuality in every way, whether in casual or ethnic wear. There are numerous stunning ear-cuff designs in fashion today, including simple styles for everyday and chic outfits. This little accessory can define the outfit people wear and their personality. Any garment worn could be complemented or even contrasted by wearing this little item. Since it does not need a piercing mostly, one could tuck it as per their wish. 

A diamond ear cuff will stun with a casual sweater with super skinny trousers. Ear cuffs with pearls could steal the show if one pairs it with a solid dress. But, don’t worry about traditional looks. A double row ear cuff can attract the most attention if it wears it with the heirloom saree.

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