Mobile Technology and Its Current Evolution

Mobile technology and its current evolution

Today we all are aware of mobile technology. It is the technology that made us advanced and due to this technology today we can connect with our loved ones from every corner of the world. It is a kind of technology that goes where the user travel. It is portable and it has strong connectivity feature that do not disconnect while movement of the user. It is consists of portable two-way communication devices. Today mobile technology has gained a lot of popularity and it is quite advanced. It has internet facility which make it unique.

It also has GPS navigation facility that helps you to track your steps and also navigate you from corner to another. In this article, we will discuss about mobile technology and its revolution but it is a limited word article so we cannot give a detailed analysis of the mobile technology. If you want to have a complete analysis of this technology you can take online assignment help for your requirements and get assistance from those who have immense knowledge of mobile technology. With the help of these potential professionals you can easily clear all your doubts about mobile technology but right now let’s have an overview of this technology

Type of mobile networks

Cellular networks

Radio network that use distributed tower allows mobile phones to switch different frequencies automatically. And established communication between two entities without any interruption across the large geographical area known as a cellular network. The cellular networks are quite strong and help us to have conversation over various frequencies. Today every cellular device work on these frequencies and that’s why we can enjoy interruption-free conversation facility over the network

4g networking

If you are a user of a smartphone or any phone you must be aware of the 4g network. This network has capability to provide wireless communication facility with higher internet speed. It uses packet-switching technology and it is one of the most popular cellular network facility across the globe. It is quite fast than 3G and 2G. Today we are living in the age of 4g network technology and 5g is about to come. 5G network will give you higher internet speed as compared to the 4G network.


Today everyone is familiar with the term Wi-Fi. This technology work on radio waves that allow network establishment among the devices through a localised router which are known as hotspots. The reason why Wi-Fi network are getting quite popular among every age of group because they provide higher internet connectivity as compared to 4G and allow people to perform the various task without having any interaction. And this is one of the reason why this network is quite popular nowadays. Wi-Fi is a big concept and if you want to have a detailed analysis of the Wi-Fi network and its working functionality you can take assistance from UK assignment help and improve your knowledge about this network.


Bluetooth was quite popular a few years ago but today the use of Bluetooth is getting low day by day due to its lower frequency and limitation of the network. Bluetooth network is not strong if you want to send heavy file over this network you may face a lot of difficulties. And will take too much time to accomplish the task due to these boundations this technology did not get the popularity. But still, Bluetooth has various benefits like it enable users to quickly connect and pair their Bluetooth devices so that they could enjoy music and transfer a small set of data without facing any difficulty.


As you can see we have a various network that allows transferring data from one end to another. These networks have their benefits and drawbacks some can send heavy files over the network without facing any difficulty whereas some are meant for sharing small files but each and every device has its own importance. And they play a crucial role in the development of mobile network.