Mesmerising Gold Pendant Sets for Special Occasions

You would have to admit; a fashionable pendant on your neck is an absolute lucent factor to your fashion arsenal. There is no denying that every woman longs for the best gold pendant set they could rock for special occasions. 

Whether you are a millennial or a Gen Z, you would not shy away from an aesthetic looking pendant, either for a date, a wedding ceremony, or just to attend parties. 

When you shop from a reputable and trustworthy brand, there is always a surety of quality when looking for a gold pendant set. We’re guessing that you’d never want to compromise on quality when it comes to jewellery, so head to one of the best jewellers in the country today!

Mia by Tanishq has some of the best gold pendant sets you can find. There is always a guarantee of materials that are embedded in their products.  Here are some unique gold pendant sets to inspire you! 

The Eternal Flower Diamond Pendant

This 1 cm long, 0.6-cm-wide pendant of luxurious gold, with 26 carefully crafted round diamonds, might be the one for you. It flashes a radiant look compared to its size. One of the solitaire necklaces from the Mia by Tanishq collection, this pendant can be worn for special occasions like an office event, or a family function.

Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant

It is a modest yet lustrous-looking pendant with a geometrically crafted design; its main perk is the SI2 clarity grade of 14, well-rounded diamonds in an I-J colour range. The diamonds are packed in a rhodium-plated pave setting. The round-shaped pendant is supported by an oval-shaped ring on top. We recommend a gold chain for a radiant look.

Yellow-White and Rose Gold Diamonds

This is one of the more opulent and extravagant gold pendants set by Tanishq. You ask why? 

It has 49 rounded diamonds, well crafted and embedded into a round mother-of-pearl gemstone. It throws glamour; this is something you could fashion at any quality occasion.

Again, this pendant covers the criteria of SI2 clarity, falling within the I-J colour range.

It embodies four different circles within the pendant of various sizes. The white gold circle in between is filled with luxurious diamonds. The innermost circle encircles 6 beautiful diamonds encompassed in a gold bezel element, making it truly the queen of pendants. 

Gorgeous 14KT Pendant for Festive Outfits

If you love a unique, extravagant look, this might be an affordable pendant to choose. A curved shaped pendant, with 11 smaller curved structures welded with the main element, it has 13 diamonds infused in 3 of the smaller curved structures. With a height of 22.5 mm and a width of 12.5 mm, this might be the gold pendant set you were looking for.  This would sit well with both a gold and silver chain.

There is a pretty good chance these exquisite pieces of gold pendant set might have fired you up for your next purchase. Look no further, Mia by Tanishq’s superiority radiates out from the rest; they are never short of putting out the finest and most exceptional jewellery you could find in the current day market.

Wait no further, grab your gold pendant set today!