Measurement of Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker

Technology has changed our way of life. The popularity of smartphones has driven other smart hardware to be favored by consumers. Especially smart speaker. Its user base is suitable for all ages and the whole family.

As long as you buy one at home, it can always serve you. I would like to talk to you about a smart AI speaker. This is HUAWEI AI smart speaker.

The most important thing for speakers is sound quality. Few people regard the sound quality of the sound box as the criterion for judging the sound box. It does not mean that all wireless sound boxes have excellent sound quality effects.

In terms of hardware, AI speakers use 2.25-inch 10W full-frequency speakers to sound from the front. It is equipped with a 2*1500 square millimeter passive bass radiator. Enhance low frequency diving to make the bass part more vigorous. It has the ultrasonic welding of 400 ml super-large sound cavity and the integrated design of sound cavity. It has bracket structure. They are excellent in reducing low-frequency phase distortion and eliminating vibration and sound.

AI speakers combine Dynaudio tuning. Dynaudio is a well-known top speaker brand from Denmark. It has more than 40 years of acoustic design and tuning experience. Acoustic design and tuning are carried out for sound boxes. It is used in domestic environment, professional recording studios and top cars.

Dana has the top acoustic laboratory in the industry. It can carry out acoustic training more accurately to ensure the best sound quality.

AI speaker single design follows Dana single design concept. After optimization and adjustment, it can achieve better sound quality effect on small speakers.

Together with other brands, high-frequency and low-frequency songs were tested. Compared with similar products, there are obvious differences. HUAWEI AI speaker feels the best. It is both in high frequency and low frequency.

The measurement proves that this AI speaker is outstanding in terms of sound performance!

With more and more rich product functions, many producers deviate from the design concept of the product. Consumers are easy to be biased. This ignores the essence of sound boxes.

Compared with other speakers, HUAWEIAI speakers can surprise users in terms of sound quality!

The biggest characteristic of AI speaker is that it has a listening function. This allows users to have a communication with the speaker. Only when they understand it can they better serve users.

AI speakers can execute some common instructions. For example, weather inquiry, event reminding, music playing, etc. Even news and talk show audio, you can handle this AI speaker.

AI speakers can be controlled by mobile phones. This AI speaker has a pickup radius of 5 meters. It has a normal living room of 20 square meters. This is more than easy to capture sound. It is better than the voice assistant provided by the mobile phone.

Different from similar products, HUAWEI AI speakers pay attention to family sharing experience. Each mobile phone user connected to the speaker can enter his own voiceprint. Then choose your favorite music style. Every time it will play your favorite music type for you.

The biggest advantage of voiceprint recognition is that AI speakers will play relevant music. This is according to the hobbies of voiceprint input.

Smart speakers can bring a lot of convenience to life. Many friends who like smaller speakers can look at other products, such as HONOR Mini speakers. Many users think that the price of HONOR Mini Speakers more cost-effective and worth considering.