Making Health-Benefiting Lingerie Choices: 5 Must-Know Pros

When it comes to undergarments, women have been reluctant to make the right choices. The only reason is that they believe it doesn’t have to be attractive. However, there are other prime factors to consider while shopping for lingeries like size, type and padded support. Traditionally, most bras act as bust support elements, prevent sagging and prevent unwanted movements. But a corset can double up as a waist trainer, holding exceptional health benefits to your physique. Luckily, they also help enhance your silhouette and precisely a shapewear every woman must own. 

Health Benefits of wearing corsets

This lingerie type is a support garment leaving one flooded with health benefits relating to posture, waist shaping, preventing cramps and many more. However, they are of two categories- overbust and underbust. Underbust types do not cover the bust and start from the bra line and buckle till the waist. On the flip side, overbust ones start from the chest and offer full coverage to the breasts and midriff. Here is a list of ways women with higher bust profiles or those who experience constant cramps and back pain can enjoy wearing these waist training bras,

1. Starts with enhancing posture

Corselettes, usually made out of linen or silk infused with stiffening agents, fall perfectly on your waist. They squeeze your body into an upright portion without compromising the comfort gradient- they don’t squeeze the skin. But how does this happen? Slouching is one significant reason that causes your back to curve improperly, be it on your working chair or a couch. 

However, when you put on a corselette, you cannot slouch! You don’t even have to make an effort to stand upright or be conscious of not slouching. A corselette will do all of it without you having to think about it. 

2. Recovering your waist

If you recently delivered a baby or haven’t been conscious about your food habits, your waist can blow up apparently. Amidst various weight loss and waist shaping techniques, wearing a corselette is the most effortless way! Moreover, if you want the silhouette you lost to some creamy foods, shaping garments are a go-to choice for quick and better results. Waist training becomes easier when you pair up your supplementary workouts by wearing a corselette to the gym.

3. Soothes back pain

Undoubtedly, bad postures can turn into threatening problems that often land up in muscular pain and backaches. Though some exercises and therapies can help, supporting or alleviating pain every day can trigger pressure points and give some relief. Wearing a corset aids in triggering pressure points and helps soothe your muscles, offering adequate pain control. Also, if you suffer chronic scoliosis, you should know that corselettes have proven benefits to straighten the spine and relieve muscle tension. Some women reported that wearing a corselette also reduced further curving of the spine skeletons and stabilised retention in a quick phase. 

4. Supports sagging breasts

Underbustcorselettes provide exceptional support for women with bigger busts to prevent sagging and keep the breasts at the centre. Women with sagging and heavy breasts that lack the appropriate support live with neck and related muscle strain frequently. When your bust gets an underlined support without a wired bra, isn’t it comforting as well?

5. Alleviates migraine

Most people are unaware of the complications a faulty posture can leave them with until they experience migraines. About 71% of the Australian migraine sufferers are women. Posture problems can interrupt the connection between the spine and the brain. On wearing a corselette, the connection gets resumed, and most women feel muscle tension drop-down, relieving migraines effectively.  

Author – Rohan Sharma