Magento PWA – Answer To 10 Common Problems From Magento Stores

magento pwa

Together with the appearance of PWA on the market in 2015, Magento PWA started to become a popular topic among Magento store owners.

When online shopping becomes a new part of our daily, merchants should not miss the opportunity to upgrade the current Magento website and raise sales revenue.

However, some common problems like high dependence on Internet connection, long loading speed, mobile-unfriendly,… are still preventing stores from winning customers’ purchases. Check this post to see how Magento PWA assists merchants to overcome these concerns.

Let’s get started!

1/ High Bounce Rate

Customers can leave the site if the waiting time exceeds 5 seconds.

A Magento website usually shows a slow loading speed due to a large number of products. It may prevent the firm’s expansion as the more products they offer, the longer the waiting turns out to be.

As a result, the bounce rate will keep increasing.

Magento Progressive Web App easily relieves merchants by improving the loading speed to at least two times faster. This is done through the help of Service Workers.

Every page would require waiting for the first time only. From the second time, the loading time is zero.

Less waiting also means merchants can visit more pages and more likely to make an order from the store.

2/ Low Variety Of Users

Websites focus on laptop users while native apps are designed for mobile users.

Developing both is costly and time-consuming. 

Magento 2 PWA is the perfect hybrid of these two platforms. It solves the problem by making the website become more mobile-friendly with app-like features (e.g.: push notification, offline mode,…). 

The high responsiveness of the Magento PWA theme also allows customers to surf on any device without finding any inconvenience. 

3/ Unwanted Interruption

The lost network connection would be a nightmare for consumers and merchants.

Customers can no longer view any products from the store. The store would lose a buyer while the fault does not belong to the owner’s responsibility. 

While this problem comes from the customer side, developing Magento PWA can solve this with the offline mode – one of the best PWA functions.

For pages they are currently on, they can continue to view the page and the preloaded pages are also accessible.

Background sync features also relieve Magento merchants’ worry over losing customers’ orders due to low-quality connections.

It can save the last action of customers on the site. The order information will process right after reconnection takes place.

4/ Lack Of Engagement

A website cannot have any interaction with users until they access the link. For any special events from the store, buyers can only discover when they access the store. 

After converting the website to Magento 2 Progressive Web App, users can now “download” the site on their phone. It works like any other apps on the phone with the icon badge. 

More importantly, push notifications from the store will be sent to notify users of any upcoming promotions at the store. They do not have to constantly visit the site to be updated.

5/ Large Investment In Marketing

SMS or mail marketing can be powerful tools but we are still unsure of the effectiveness. Whether the receivers are convinced to open the message and then visit the store is still an unsolved puzzle. 

Meanwhile, Magento PWA’s push notification can deliver the same content from SMS or email marketing and customers can assess the store right away by tapping the message popping up on their mobile device.

As a result, merchants do not have to pay the extra money and targeted customers can still get the news from the shops.

6/ Low Conversion Rate

The poor online shopping experience on a normal website with high dependence on network connection quality, the unresponsive theme,… usually leads to low satisfaction with site browsing.

Thus, we cannot expect a high conversion rate.

All the limitations above can be solved by converting Magento websites to Progressive Web Apps. Then, the loading speed is optimized and the offline experience eliminates the “black and white dinosaur” concern. 

7/ New Customers Acquisition

Attracting new customers is a key step to maintain high website traffic but SEO plans often take months to finally take effect.

However, building the Magento Progressive Web App will help merchants get the website to meet every criterion to reach the top position on Google faster: responsiveness, lower bounce rate, longer duration with the better browsing experience.

8/ Website Insecurity

Building trust for online customers is hard.

An online store does not need to assure customers of high-quality products, customer-oriented service but also relieve them from the risk of stealing information from hackers. 

The upgrade to PWA can help Magento merchants protect their customers from those incidents by enhancing site security by requiring an SSL Certificate (moving from HTTP to HTTPS) from the beginning.

Customers can now feel more comfortable when filling in the information for their order form the Magento PWA store.

9/ Competitive Advantage Creation

Staying ahead of the battle among retailers selling similar products means constantly upgrading users’ experience. With the same products, buyers would probably go to the website with a better online shopping experience. 

PWA turns out to be the perfect answer. Magento 2 PWA will support merchants in bringing a better online shopping experience.

Hence, it can bring the store a competitive advantage to gain a higher market share. 

10/ Investment Failure

Any investment decision comes with risk. It can result in a budget deficit or become a waste of business resources. 

If merchants think that Magento 2 Progressive Web App might fall in this category, the story of big brands like Starbucks, AliExpress,… might bring a different view. 

As soon as Starbucks upgraded their website to PWA, the number of orders nearly doubled and the rate of desktop users also rose to the same rate of mobile ones.

Go For Magento PWA & Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Competition 

Investment in Magento PWA can solve many problems of Magento online stores by lessening the dependence on Internet connection, building better engagement and trust with buyers, rising sales revenues,…

To make sure the PWA development gives the best result, merchants should make a detailed plan in advance and find the right Magento PWA provider to partner with.