Magento 2.0 V/S WooCommerce

Magento 2.0 V/S WooCommerce

Running a business online is one of the vital options that can bring into consideration by the business owners. To run a small or big scale business is a daunting task till the time you don’t find a suitable online platform.

These days there are two major e-commerce platforms that are utterly appropriate for businesses. The first one is Magento 2.0 and the other is WooCommerce.

In today’s article, we will discuss all the aspects of both e-commerce platforms and at the end, you need to decide which one is more relevant for your business needs. 

So, let’s begin the real game.

We will first emphasize over the tiny comparison between two tools:

 Magento 2.0WooCommerce
Easy Features accessibilityYesNo
Support for Small to Big StoreYesNo
Effortless to useNoYes
UI/UX designYesNo
Safe and secureYesNo
Open SourceYesYes
24*7 Support                         YesNo

(A tiny overview)

You will be glad to know that both Magento and WooCommerce platforms are open-source (Free to use) and can be easily developed with the tiny information. Now, it’s a time to look at the vast features of both platforms before putting any one into consideration.

Wisdom about Magento

Magento is quite popular among numerous e-commerce business owners. In fact, Magento has become a community. Such community where business owners conducts annual meetings and share their views and reap vast wisdom of its features.

It is available in two different modes. The first one is Magento Open-source version. This can be used at free of cost. The second one is Magento commerce version and that is paid.

(About WooCommerce)

WooCommerce platform first launched in 2011. It is an open source platform and quite famous among e-commerce business owners around the globe. In simple terms WooCommerce is a plug-in version of WordPress that means any current WordPress webpage can be turned into e-commerce with the blink of an eye.

Tiny Comparison between Magento 2.0 V/S WooCommerce

A change or improvisation is the only mantra of success. If there is no improvisation and if we stands on the basic version always then evolution is meaningless to expect. No, online platform is complete in its on means. That is the reason we have research and providing the tiny comparison between Magento2.0 Vs WooCommerce.

Easy to useLooseWin
Performance and SpeedWinWin
Security ConcernWinLoose

(Features Comparison) 

Managing Inventory: Both platforms have no issue allowing you to add endless numbers of products to your website. So here, both seem in a win-win situation. 

Coupon codes and discounts: Here, you can create discounts and import coupons in Magento from out of the box. Whereas WooCommerce seems behind the race and is incompetent to offer discounts and coupons vastly. 

Templates and Themes: Here, one thing matters a lot, and that is look and functionality. The appropriate functioning of any e-commerce webpage can be defined through its looks. Both platforms provide free themes and templates version and further, if you want to opt the paid version then can also do so. 

Multi-Language Support: Here, Magento seems to be a winning edge as it supports a multi-language system. Whereas in the WooCommerce, you need to procure WPML software to integrate multi-language support and multi-currency support systems. 

(Security Comparison) 

According to the technical survey recently conducted by a team of professionals, it has been found that every year more than 35,000/- official and non-official sites get hacked. This may raise the alarm in the mind of many e-commerce business owners. 

But needn’t worry. We have researched for you, and you will be glad to know that Magento here seems winning the race. WooCommerce is slightly downwards, providing hefty security features. In contrast, Magento is assuring your online store’s smooth and secure functioning with their Magento Patches features that have been introduced lately. 

(The Final Verdict) 

The above-mentioned comparison will act as a light at the other end of the tunnel. Both features have their own strength and weakness. Now, the ball is in your court. You need to analyze your online web design needs and accordingly acquire a suitable and appropriate platform.    We hope you enjoy reading this article and will consider the suggestions researched by us. Your valuable comments will progressively