List of Pros & Cons of Receiving Counselling in Singapore in 2021

List of Pros & Cons of Receiving Counselling in Singapore in 2021

Singapore is an optimal corporate hub among the rest of the countries in the world. So living and working in this country can be pretty stressful for people. Corporate employees may find it hard to maintain a balance between their personal life and professional life. Mental issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia and other physical and mental convolutions may pop up due to mental and emotional stress. The best way to countervail this is to seek professional help. There many certified therapists available who offer counselling in Singapore.

According to research conducted by the Singapore Mental Health organisation issues like depression. Anxiety, a mood disorder can be seen in 1 out of 7 people. This intensive study also revealed that the most common major disorder that is affecting people is a major depressive disorder. 1 among 16 people is getting severely affected due to the stress they face in their daily lives. The stigma of mental illness and the inability to recognise these issues prevent these people from going out and getting the help they actually need.

After the pandemic of COVID-19, it has become more arduous for people to reach out for help. There is also no doubt about how much the pandemic itself has made human lives so much miserable and with this, the mental stress in people has also reached its peak.

This is the reason why several different communities in Singapore, as well as the government itself, has taken the initiative to encourage its citizens so that they can reach out to the counsellors or therapists if they or their loved one needs any help. During the pandemic, many different companies that provide therapies are offering online therapeutic service. If you are looking for counselling you can naturally reach out to them.

Pros & Cons of Receiving Counselling in Singapore in 2021

After the advent of coronavirus, the shortcoming of many industries was disclosed during the lockdown period and luckily in the case of receiving counselling in Singapore, online services were introduced. During the lockdown period, those people who needed counselling have joined the online therapy sessions.

Getting counselling in Singapore can be pretty much hectic if you are totally new to it, especially after the post-pandemic period when people are still bothered by stigma and discrimination. But reaching out when you are feeling depressed, anxious or acquiring counselling in Singapore when you think you or your loved one need help is absolutely a positive thing. We are going to discuss more about receiving counselling in Singapore below.

Pros of getting counselling in Singapore

If you think receiving counselling means just going to meet and talk to someone who listens to you, then it is not the right notion. It is actually more than that.

  • Singapore is often called the hub of professionals. So, they also have the best therapists available who can give emotional support. The objective of therapy is to change the behaviour that is creating drawbacks for that particular person and at the same time overcome the issues faced by the individual.
  • What counsellors do is they listen to you without judging, based on your information they try to find the root of all your problems. With this, you can realize why and how you are feeling the emotions you are facing. There are many famous therapists and private organisations that have their offices in Singapore, these people have been the most successful when it comes to counselling.
  • Therapists also offer their clients something called a coping mechanism that helps them manage their problems on their own, especially if those problems are creating a heavy invisible weight on their shoulders. Several kinds of therapists are available in Singapore so the clients can choose according to their preferences.
  • One of the most amazing facts about counselling in Singapore is that you can find someone with whom you can share your personal, intricate details without being worried, anxious and afraid. Sometimes people find it hard to open up about their feelings because they feel that they will be judged, embarrassed and ashamed in front of their friends and families. Music therapy which is performed by famous bowl masters of Tibet can help you gain inner peace and these are available only in Singapore.

Cons of getting counselling in Singapore

  • Although counselling in Singapore has plenty of benefits, it also bears limited but certain drawbacks as well. The first and foremost issue is that it takes a certain amount of time depending upon the individual, the work-life of Singapore is very hectic so people do not have much time for therapies.
  • Transference- a psychotherapeutic term that means the transfer of emotions towards the therapist. The result of transference differs according to the individuals, for some people, the result can be bad and in other cases, it can be good too. Some people can develop romantic feelings towards the therapist which may end up hampering the client-counsellor relationship between the two individuals. Due to work pressure, an individual cannot give much time for the sessions and the counsellors, so building up rapport takes too much time.
  • In some cases, the negative transference prevents the client from having a healthy conversation with the counsellor. In Singapore, be it the private sector or the government, help and support is offered to people from everywhere so that they can address these issues more easily.

If you are going through a rough patch, it would be a good idea to look for professional help. Reaching out to a certified counsellor won’t take much of your precious time, click here for counselling in Singapore.