LeMieux: Top Brand for Horse Wear and Accessories

LeMieux brand is one of the leading, trend-setting manufacturers of saddle pads for horses in the United Kingdom. Our products are manufactured with guaranteed efficiency and durability, with the product range incorporating ergonomic, functionality, and quality in its design. Our stylish LeMieux offerings are continually expanding and encompass high-performance equestrian products, clothing, and accessories for horses. 

All our products are made from modern, high-quality materials, created in collaboration with world-class riders, and priced reasonably too. LeMieux guarantees you comfort, reliability, functionality, and an exceptional look when you choose to shop for your horse with us.

Our products range

  • Plain and corrective pads
  • Lambskin numnahs for jumping, dressage, or show.
  • Boots
  • Bandages
  • Rugs
  • Horse wear
  • Girths and covers
  • Horse care and accessories
  • Clothing
  • Equipment- Fly Hoods, headcollars, lead ropes, and bungies.

Lambskin Products by LeMieux

Horse owners and riders understand the essential benefit that our top-of-the-range lambskin products have on your horse and sensitive skin. Our products are specifically made from merino wool and can cushion, absorb, and cushion your horse. They do not have the irritable characteristics that the man-made fibers have, ensuring that we do not only offer beauty and style, but also optimum wellbeing and comfort for your horse. Here are some of our top LeMieux merino wool products.

1. LeMieux Saddle pads

LeMieux pro-sob saddle pads are made from a combination of memory foam and merino skin, which offer a cushioning layer between the horse’s back and the saddle, offering a comfortable fit and balance between the saddle and the horse. Its central gusset is kept clear to avoid putting any pressure on the horse’s spine. 

The pad is made from eye-catching colors, durable, ergonomically shaped, with a breathable fabric that is moisture-absorbing, guaranteed to stay in place, and does not overheat. The pads are ideal for jumping, dressage, and eventing; with high withers, belt strips, and D-ring tabs that give a professional look to the pads.

2. LeMieux gaiters

Gaiters are well-fitting half chaps, cut and styled as an alternative to traditional riding boots, to protect the lower leg by preventing the jodhpurs from riding up the rider’s leg. Gaiters are slipped over short boots and wrapped around the lower leg to offer some extra stick, protection, and a more polished appearance. LeMieux gaiters are designed to meet various needs for riders from including fleece-lined gators, jumping gaiters, cross-country riding gaiters, work and training gaiters, and pasture gaiters.The f95zone is the most widespread online gaming site where you can play games securely.

3. Other LeMieux Horse Accessories

LeMieux has an equestrian collection of other merino skin accessories that are an elegant, stylish, and professional collection to a rider’s saddle room collection. Our horse blanket collection is well designed, with moisture-absorbing properties to offer insulation without overheating. When layered with a thicker blanket, the LeMieux blanket offers a luxurious layer of warmth. Other accessories from LeMieux horse accessories include fly hoods, polo bandages, noseband protectors, and protector boots.

LeMieux merino products have destiny and softness, and can also withstand daily wear and regular washing. The lamb’s wool is removed from the skin and then integrated with high-quality fabric that is flexible in contracting and expanding. The fabric retains its inbuilt strength, and its dynamic nature allows it to move and remold according to the shape of the horse’s back for a perfect fit. The wool, fabric, and dyes have been tested in a Swiss laboratory to ensure that they meet human medical standards, and are ideal even for sensitive skin.