Learn Fashio Designing Courses at the Comfort of Your Home


Today, fashion designing is being considered one of the most lucrative career choices. This is due to the growth rate and stiff competition in the world of fashion. Being a flexible opportunity, many have ventured into fashion designing businesses to earn extra cash. But for you to be a successful fashion designer you’ll have to through some course modules to gain the know-how to understand the fashion designing industry from the start, the process, and later the brandings and launching of your designs. These courses offer a diploma course in fashion, designing to equip you with basic skills. At the beginning of the course, you’ll be introduced to the basic fashion knowledge and later skills and qualifications that any fashion designer should have. Besides, you’ll procure an overview of fashion designing history since the 19th century and be able to predict the next trends and patterns of the fashion designing industry.

Fashion designing courses

The fashion designing course is one among popular craft courses that students partake in to become successful fashion designers. If you have the desire to study fashion design, it is important to discover the various types of fashion designing courses, the duration, and fees. Besides, you need to know that the course structure of different fashion designing courses varies from institute to another. The most important thing is the credit that you’ll be awarded at the end of the course since these credits will determine whether you’ll take a degree, diploma, or a certificate course. Remember, these are online courses that give you skills at the comfort of your home.

Here are some courses for you (online courses):

Fashion and image

This is an online course that explores the impacts of the culture and is transmitted through the image. Learning this course will help you understand the effects of culture and image on the fashion industry over the years. Besides, you’ll discover the key influencers in this field and how fashion is liaised and marketed through the image.

In the course, you’ll explore:

  • The historical knowledge of fashion and image
  • The ethical dimension of fashions and image
  • Social, cultural, and technological course changes in fashion and image and marketing process.

Every week, you’ll be working on numerous activities, including group works. This allows you to work both independently and with the Fellow students throughout the course. If you are aspiring to progress to the next level, this course is your ladder!

Sustainable fashion

This course aims to equip you with the skills to take up the challenge and opportunity. Either, it lets you discover best practices to identify the design practices of sustainable fashion and develop a censorious alert at the social level.

The program of the course

  • Sustainable design skills
  • Terminologies: slow fashion, ethical fashion, and many more.
  • 7R models
  • Best practices
  • Circular systems
  • Trends
  • Sustainable design thinking

Fashion design online course

The main aim of this course is to widen your knowledge and skills in the fashion designing industry. At the end of the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate.

Inside the course:

  • Introduction
  • Fashion design skills
  • Fashion design careers
  • How to start your own business
  • Marketing your designs

Online: draping course

Do you have the skills to manipulate fabrics directly on the dress form in three dimensions? Here is the course to let you transform your design into reality.

The course introduces beginners in dressing form through a lesson called draping basics and later, body sloper and straight skirt sloper lessons. After these levels, you’ll be introduced to the bustier bodice and princess bodice lessons. The next lessons are sheath dress and A-line dress lessons. And lastly, mastering flared skirt straight grain centre, yoke Dirndl skirt, and fitted Torso sloper lessons respectively. Then you can continue with intermediate lessons to learn drape design such as cascade ruffles, placket closures, and many more.

Fashion CAD design

CAD technology is an essential element in clothing designing. The course lets you realise the brands plus developing the clothing size. This is the reason why clothing pattern professionals with CAD skills are the most required individuals in fashion companies.

Course program

  • The CAD technology
  • Creation of working stations
  • The industrialisation of the patterns such as seam allowances and notches.
  • Pattern symmetry function
  • Basis modifications
  • Controlling the pattern model
  • How to establish a cutting plan and the function of clothing size and development

Pattern making

Pattern making is a two-dimensional method class, unlike raping which three-dimensional method. It is one of the censorious inputs in the manufacturing process.



The beginners are introduced to drafting a series of pattern slopers and designing various styles using this foundation. It is advisable to start with a basic straight sleeve sloper lesson before exploring other sleeve variations. Thereafter, you can proceed to straight skirt lessons than to circle skirts. The next lesson is Bodice and drafting respectively.


Here, you’ll gain knowledge about drafting through intermediate videos. You’ll learn how to draft patterns from body measurements and to complete more complex lessons including drafting a raglan sleeve and knit slopers. If you are a beginner in pattern making, starting with drafting a basic bodice sloper then through the dart manipulation lessons, you’ll be able to create slopers that you will need in kimono and raglan sleeve lessons.


Drafting women jackets

In this level, you’ll learn how to draft a women’s jacket using your oaktag torso sloper. You’ll be taught where to add the necessary jacket ease, shaping of the pattern, and drafting of the notch collar.

Fashion product development & technical design

Through this course, you’ll learn how to manage the business development of your design. Besides, you’ll gain knowledge about technical design, such as how to spec garments and how to create a tech pack.


The course offers few lessons including:

Fashion startup 101- part 1-the essentials

This is the first lesson in the series. Here, you’ll be asked to choose the market category you want to design for, then explore the customer depending on the age, lifestyle, and demographics. Additionally, you’ll explore the various distribution channels to help you market your product. Also, you’ll learn important things to consider relating to the price logo and legalisations.

Information on flats

In the lesson, you’ll learn how to draw various details for your flat sketches which you can use in pants, dresses, blouses, and coats. Either, you’ll learn various makers that can be used to outline and seams. This is a must lesson to those drawing flats and creating a tech pack.

Remember, these are all online courses enabling you to study fashion designing at the comfort of your home.

Final thoughts

Fashion designing can be referred to as “a craft” since it largely involves one’s skills. Now, to succeed in fashion designing, you need to sharpen your skills through some courses. This lets you gain knowledge in the fashion industry, which afterwards will help you establish and develop your own fashion designing business. The article discusses some of the courses in fashion designing that will help you prosper and become a perfect fashion designer.