Laminate Countertops: A Green and Eco-Friendly Option

Are you planning a kitchen or bath renovation and want to use more eco-friendly products in the design? It may surprise you to find out that you don’t have to blow your budget to achieve your goals. The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH stocks a complete line of laminate crafted by the familiar brand Formica, which can be part of your green plan for a healthier future.

Helping Your New Build Achieve LEED Certification

For new home builds, you may be aiming to earn a LEED Green Building Certification that is awarded when sustainable products are incorporated in the complete design. Formica laminates have been used in many projects across America and Canada and have been awarded the eco-friendly certification by reducing the amount of raw materials and toxic chemicals used.

Laminates are available in a huge array of colors and designs, some that mimic the appearance of natural wood. The use of laminate to clad cabinetry or as flooring are both more eco-friendly options when compared to ordering custom woodwork cut from old growth forests.

Sourcing Sustainable Wood Products

Laminate countertops begin as thin sheets of paper that are combined with adhesives to create a durable and affordable option for work surfaces. Formica uses only wood sourced from sustainably farmed forests to make its paper. New growth trees deliver more oxygen into our atmosphere while helping to reduce the amount of CO2, lowering the carbon footprint of the industry that maintains the forest.

New GreenGuard Processes Eliminate use of Outdated Chemicals

One reason that old laminate counters dropped in popularity was that they were known to off-gas toxic fumes back-in-the-day. New manufacturing technologies used at Formica ensure that your new laminate countertops meet and often exceed strict industry standards for low emissions testing. You can feel safe that your family will not be exposed to any harmful side effects associated with similar products in the past.

Recycled Products Included in Your Formica Laminate Counters

Did you know that your new laminate countertop also includes a percentage of recycled material? Both the Formica Laminate and Formica Renew Series Solid Surface line use recycled paper, glass, and plastics in the manufacturing process. This in turn reduces the amount of raw materials that your entire kitchen renovation will use.

Our kitchen design experts at The Countertop Shop are happy to help you find the perfect eco-friendly materials for your newly renovated space. You can also find recycled glass counters and chemical-free natural stone slabs from which to make your final selection. Give us a click or call to schedule your private tour of our beautiful showroom located right down the road from the Toledo Express Airport.